I’m Depressed!

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    I’m Depressed!

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    1. You know what? Alot of people don't feel anything…for no reason people can feel depressed, and that's ok let them be whoever they want to be! Leave them ALONE! You think that you are better then anyone just because you aren't depressed. Comment if you feel the same/ have a mental illness like depression…

    2. When I'm upset I usually don't talk about it cuz I feel like people won't understand or care, but I also don't pretend to be happy cuz I'm not happy. Of course people will think you're fake if you pretend to be what you're not!

    3. I'm 12 and I have depression. I'm not trying to get attention I just want to speak for those who can't. When people have depression don't say get over it because you wouldn't tell someone with diabetes or cancer to get over it so don't say it to depressed people I'm just putting it out there don't hate

    4. I don't get sad because I think my life is terrible, I get sad because I can't draw legs or feet!

    5. Ya I have bipolar depression and unless u have it you really don't know how it feels. But the good side to bipolar depression is you have good times too.

    6. Im… deeply depressed. I dont find anything in life worth living. Memes are the only thing that keep me going. Im sorry everyone but Im gonna end it. But before I must admit that Im… gay

    7. You know, having a chemical imbalance is fucking hell now because of the amount of "depressed" people who give us a bad name.

    8. I know this video's old but thank you for showing me that my teenage tantrums are/were really ignorant and ridiculous. Being positive now. Thanks again. Made me about 5% more mature for this moment. Yeahh.

    9. My best friend used to cut herself the boy I like gets death threats and cuts 2 of my other friends suffer from depression one of them who took drugs in 6 th grade to help. A brother who has tried to kill himself. My one friend who suffers from depression has a grandfather who passed away she knew it would happen but she doesn't know what it feels like to think every night your bff could kill herself you one friend could od you brother could commit suicide and 2 more friends could cut. But no one cares about my problems only hers because she is the center of everything. She also suffers from depression but she gets help and I just love ho Greg is so honest about this crap thank you. You have helped me and my friends know that our problems could be worse and we could be starving or dead your honesty is amazing thank you.

    10. Wrong, wrong, WRONG. You're gonna get yourself a lecture if you don't be careful.

    11. I like that you can make me laugh at my depression rather than letting it suck me in. Thank you 🙂

    12. What if I'm not a teenager? What if I'm still a kid and I have it?
      Just gonna watch onision and eat my banana

    13. As any psychologist will tell you, major depressive disorder is not a choice, it's a chemical imbalance in your brain. You're all painfully ignorant.

    14. 1:44 is just lyrics from Lana Del Rey – Video Games. I guess it does kinda make sense because Lana herself has battled depression a lot…..

    15. Wow Greg u just saved my life… I'm depressed and… I tried to suicide like 5 times but… but u said something smart… and that just made my day… thank u I love u!❤️<3

    16. Why are u dissing some people are actually depressed it's not always a choice what if bad thing are going on in there life

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