Illustrations With Deep Meanings About Depression By DestinyBlue

Illustrations with deep meanings created by an artist struggling with depression
At first glance, the art of DestinyBlue can only look like colorful, somewhat melancholic portraits inspired by Anime. However, if you notice a little more, you will notice hidden messages that tell the story of the British artist's anguished struggle with depression.

DestinyBlue, whose real name is Alice De Ste Croix, has been publishing her work on DeviantArt since 2004. She has become very popular due to the vivid characters she draws from the imagination and her ability to tell emotional stories with images. "Blue", as her fans affectionately call her, creates all her art from scratch with Photoshop CS6, and is completely self-taught.

Source of the works of art illustrated in the video:

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Music used in the video:
-NIER – Song of the Ancients (Devola) in Music box remix


-Weight of the World ~ Music Box Arrangement ~ (NieR Automata) 【Dysergy】 【Arrangement】
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Video credits to Daily Fun Facts YouTube channel

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    Illustrations With Deep Meanings About Depression By DestinyBlue

    Comments 50

    1. I hate how people always take my feelings for granted. I know I always look happy, making jokes at sch. But is that all of it? Sometimes they make harsh jokes thinking that "no it's okay, she's a cheerful person. She'll get over it" that hurts. I'm a human too. I feel what you feel. I have emotions too

    2. This is how I feel sometimes
      And some time I feel like I wanna die cause how I'm alway doing thing wrong at school and at home
      And say that I'm always stupid,dum and how I suck at thing

    3. Ppl make jokes about depression when they say a joke about it and I’m around I go to a restroom and cry depression is not a joke

    4. Of all the people I know but have not seen they are the biggest inspiration to keep me going through this miserable life

    5. You feel like your in the air BUT you can
      see what in front of you and that you
      feel and be (yourself) ?

    6. I'm think I'm not popular in school and always get bullied but I still leave a smile….I just don't want to be lonely…so my smile is fake…

    7. You know what I hate? When my parents fight, or call me worthless, and I feel so numb. And then layer they're like "YOU FORGIVE ME, RIGHT!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗" and I just forgive them, well, pretend to. And then later, I get attacks. My brain and soul go overload, and death is all I can think about. How there's no point to life, and I'm just going to die a nothing. And then I bury myself to keep it at bay, but everyone thinks I'm addicted to my device. I guess I am though, I need it

    8. The depression ones are too relatable for me….. Like broken, if tears left scars, I'm fine, and depression to give an example, as well as sew closed my soul, all wrong, broken window to the soul and trust. Those are all the ones I relate to.

    9. These illustrations are really nice but these should be called 'literal phrases'. Take the testimony of "open my heart to you".

    10. A friend always helps me with my depression because a good friend is hard to find harder to leave and impossible to forget

    11. Everybody throws the words "depression" and "suicidal" like they are some accessories. They think depression is exceeded sadness.
      Well it's not.
      Depression is a void. A void of tears. You drown in this void. But it doesn't kill you. It leads you to kill yourself.
      Then when in this void, not many people try to pull you out. They leave you. They forget about you. They don't care.
      Everybody says to fight back, or think about happy times.
      Well how can I fight back when I have no strength?
      How can I think about Happy times when I have none?
      The void is not a joke. It's not a moment. It's a sea of despair.

    12. I am having these problems. Four years ago my father abused me. My mum does not believe me. He is nice now. But Idk what to say. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!! I am only 8 years old.

    13. your body is not paper, do not cut it, your life is not a book or movie, do not end it
      anti suicide/self harm poem

    14. I'm crying and not faking. I'm so sorry for people like this. All but myself.😭😭😭😭

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