I Stink And Can't Do Anything About It

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This is Jason, and he only has a few minutes to tell his story, but that's more than he's ever had. Why? Because he smells. Literally. Jason is the person you would not want to meet in real life.

Okay, Jason, you suck, so what's the problem, you might say? Just go and take a bath. But wait. The truth is that Jason showers up to 15 times a day and still smells really bad. Yes, it sounds impossible. When he was still a small child, Jason remembers that his mother washed him in the shower and then said affectionately, "Oh, who is my smelly little son?" That may seem like a cute and loving phrase that really does not mean anything. But she said it because he had, and still has, an unpleasant smell about him that everyone around him can feel, all except Jason.

This may seem a bit incoherent, but Jason feels the need to convey his pain and frustration. Before starting to go to school, his mother had him at home most of the time and did not socialize much. Actually, it did not bother him that he tried to play with other children and they escaped with an expression of disgust on their faces. Jason did not even realize they were doing it because of him. Her mother was very good at softening those kinds of moments, she would distract him or make some cheerful comments. At the same time, she constantly took him to the doctors, and he really did not pay attention to why. Jason felt good, since he thought these were just regular checks.

The point is that Jason had never been able to get an accurate diagnosis! His poor mother had been smelling him for years, and all he got was: "This must be an individual peculiarity, just wash it regularly and it will happen." They thought it might have been hormones, or maybe a fungal infection, or bacteria, but at each test nothing came to mind, nothing at all! His mother taught him how to wash and use deodorants every time he had a free minute, and that's what he did. But unfortunately it was not enough.

Jason went to school first, smiling and friendly, thinking that he would make friends immediately. He did not understand the reaction of the other children. He seemed to live in a zone of exclusion within which nobody would set foot. And when he tried to get close to the people, all he got was his "Eww!", A face of disgust, and then he saw them battle in a hasty retreat. It is impossible to explain how frustrating this can be. Imagine that you are in such a situation. You can see how painful it would be, right? Imagine that you do not understand the reason for their behavior. Jason can not detect the smell; He does not even understand how horrible it is!

To help you understand, what sucks is your sweat and also your breath. It stinks of several unpleasant things, mainly rotten fish, but there can be variations. If it stays still, it does not seem so horrible. But imagine what it is like after a physical education class in the shared changing room when you take off your shoes. Once, a man only vomited when he caught the smell, and Jason was so embarrassed that when he got home he decided he did not want to go back to school anymore. His mother understood, but his family simply could not afford education at home. He descended into a deep depression. When he went to school, his classmates would make faces of disgust, and he would get nervous, and this would make the smell worse. He was essentially excluded from any social life and had no hope of getting out of the vicious circle.

Some teachers tried to talk to him about personal hygiene. He swore he washed a hundred times a day, but without success. He said it was a condition, but nobody would believe him. They asked him what the condition was called. Well, what could he have said? He had never been diagnosed with anything. And all he felt all day was shame and embarrassment to other people who had to tolerate that horrible smell.

However, a few months ago, in an online community, Jason met someone who had a similar story to his. This is how he found out about a condition called TMAU. It is also known as fish smell syndrome, and it makes a person smell for no reason. He discovered for the first time that there are more people with the same problem as him. All he needed was to have a very specific blood test, and voila, now he knows exactly what the problem is. The bad news is that it can not be cured. All you can do is modify your diet, which Jason has already done without results so far. But the good news is that there are other people like him. So he does not feel as marginalized as he used to be. Now, Jason feels he needs to learn to live with his problem from the example of the elderly. He is working on it. Life goes on!

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I Stink And Can't Do Anything About It

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  2. Hello scroller, you don't have to do this but perhaps you could leave a like as a hello?

  3. A girl in my class has this disease and after watching this im more sympathetic and I don't or ever have made fun of her BUT I do keep my distance because it is really bad

  4. showers don’t do anything but clean off the dirt. shave everything. use deodorant. put baby powder on top of deodorant. then put baby powder in all you’re sweaty areas. then spray cologne or perfume.

  5. If you would like to talk or vent I will leave my twitter name under this comment. Before i do i wanted to let you know that my Twitter is filled with advice on a variety of coping techniques and skills.
    You well may find something helpful there and your more than welcome to message me even if you just want to talk about the weather or to vent.
    My twitter name is Rainbow System.
    Take care and stay strong!

  6. Also as far as for the vomit reflex. My adoptive dad has swamp foot. A condition that causes his feet to smell in a seemingly unbearable way. But you know what? I love him very much and after a short while the smell stopped bothering me.
    I'm telling you this because you seem like a really nice yung man, and you will find a group of friends that will love you and enjoy your company. Thouse friends will help you find new ways to feel more comfortable and will prove to you that the smell dosnt matter.
    I am not however trying to minimize or ignore your problem in any way.
    Your struggles are valid and so is your condition even if it dosnt have a name.
    You are a valid, unique and important person.
    Stay strong!

  7. I am really sorry you are going through all of this hunny.
    I know it may sound trivial but I know how hard it can be to believe and accept.
    It is not your fault that you smell badly. That does not take anything away from the person you are. It dosnt make you any less valid.
    For all it matters had I had the pleasure to meet you in person I would be your friend. You see I for one dont care whether you smell well or not, whether your short or tall, It makes no difference whether you have ten arms growing out your back and 11 fingers.
    Because the body is not important. What it looks like, smelles like does not matter.
    What's important is what's within. Sounds simple but just too often people forget this.
    Stay strong kid!

  8. Sorrii what's your in right now I'll be your friend you I don't care if you smell I'll be your friend giggles

  9. I actually know someone similar. People kept on picking on him and telling him that he stinks. I felt bad and angry that people said that, but I couldn't do anything. I regret that.

  10. Well, i have chronic sinusitis…i can barely ever smell anything….ever….so i would totally be your friend…n other people with the same problem as mine too…i feel for u…n wish u the best

  11. Those school kids could have been smart and like put deodorant on a bandana and put it in their face then they wouldn't smell it anymore

  12. I think I read up on this somewhere and they found like a small cure for it but it's electronic demolition like kind of shocking sweat cells hopefully so we can get this message to you cuz I think it'll work there is new and crazy stuff out there to get rid of sweat glands cuz the only reason why your stinking like that is because of the sweat glands are too unbearable and not good

  13. thats tough. Put on some colon because that is a very good smell And it just makes you smell good for the day

  14. So not trying to be funny or rude, just curious. I wonder what the room smell like when he go to the support group. Who is running it, if it's not one of them and it's someone with out that condition, do they wear a mask or is able to handle the smell. When i walk by fish markets i would almost throw up and get light headed from the smell.

  15. There was this girl that came to my class and everyone was mean to her cuz she stank but I didn't care I was her friend and trust me I am one of the meanest people you can ever meet

  16. I nvr knew this kind of disease exist it's okay just accept it and be brave enough may God bless you

  17. People who work in fields who have to deal with rotting smells use Vick's vapor rub under their noses. They say it cuts the smell quite alot. Maybe this will help when you make friends? It helped me with my friend Josh who had the same disease as you. We will spend hours hanging out and did before I figured this out. Granted everyone is different but I thought maybe it'll help seeing as this problem can be solved by the people around you making the effort to do so. This was the case in my situation with my friend as it was not something he could control.

  18. It's true that our diet also causes our body to smell. I don't have TMAU but when I was a kid, I do smell. All I did was drink a lot of water, because itcleanses the body. AND IT HELPED!

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