I Lost My Brother

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Like many brothers and sisters, Elyse and her brother did not always get along. But, like most of the brothers and sisters, they loved each other and they both knew it, and they were very close. But over time, as they grew older, her brother suffered from severe depression, and Elyse could not do many things, although it was difficult and sad for her and her family. He was not always depressed, but when he was, it was really terrible.

One day, Elyse took a class trip, a full weekend and lots of fun. On their first night, they were all having dinner together in a restaurant, when their teacher received a phone call. Elyse watched as she answered the phone and suddenly a look of anguish and terror seized her. The teacher pushed Elyse away and, with tears in her eyes, told her that they had just found her brother, in the bathroom, without life.

Elyse left the trip early and went home. The police were there, and although she wanted to see her brother for the last time, say goodbye, even though she was not there anymore, her parents would not leave her, they did not want her to see him, nor remember him in that way. .

The funeral was so horrible, painful and depressing. Everyone was still in shock, crying. They opened their coffin so that people could see him and say goodbye, but Elyse did not dare to approach him, it was too overwhelming and she collapsed, at that very moment and at her funeral. I could not stand it, I just wanted to leave, be at home, shut up and get away from everything. She did not stay to see him buried. She could not.

Elyse was very sad, scared and lonely. She stayed in her room for days, unable to stop crying, and her mother brought her food and controlled her, but she was not hungry, she could not eat. He lost almost 30 pounds, was not sleepy or greeted, but finally began to leave his room and, allowing himself to know, and feel, and perhaps accept that his brother was gone, that he had lost him forever.

Everyone had their own way of dealing with pain. His parents essentially blocked his room and never went in there. After almost three months, Elyse finally regained her strength to return to school, and it was difficult when she did. He felt everyone watching her, whispering to each other, as if they could not believe that he had returned to school and tried to behave normally.

She started talking to a therapist, which helped slowly, and her mother did everything she could to help Elyse and her sister overcome the pain.

One day, Elyse came home from school and saw her mother talking to a carpenter. They were making plans to put a permanent wall on the door of his brother, to block him forever. Elyse did not want that to happen, and tried to convince her parents that she was not well, but they were determined to do it, they were going to do it anyway.

Before they lifted the wall, Elyse snuck into her room one last time, and she took out everything she wanted to keep to remember it. The main thing he took was his hockey trophy: he loved playing hockey and had always been so proud of his champion trophy. But the trophy mocked her, reminded her that her brother had been lost and gone, but that she was fine, that she did not want to forget him.

She visits the cemetery a lot, sits down next to her tombstone and talks to him. She misses him so much, all the time, and every day, even so, she asks herself "what could I have done?"

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    I Lost My Brother

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    1. Your brother seems.like he was very awesome. Hockey is the only sport I'm really good at. He sounds like me and him would have been good friends. I understand how you feel. My uncle killed himself in my brothers closet. My grandma doesn't like us going in there. My brothers put there stuff in that closet. I didn't like that she did that because my brothers stuff was in there. My little brothers crafts he made as well.

    2. My uncle died by his friend he had a gun and shot him on the side. I started to cry on top of my lungs. And passed out

    3. I fell so bad u even cryed a bit too it's so sad to see a family member go,like that

    4. Im so sorry for your brother’s loss. I will never ever ever want to see my sister go away, even though we fight a lot, we still love each other deep inside.

    5. awww it is going to be okay when i was 5 i always played with my brother and sometimes we would fight like most siblings but he is my brother so at the end of the day i loved him but one day he was soooooooooooo sick and my mom came from work cuz she got a bad call from my sister (the call was my brother is not breathing as much as he use to) so my mom came and rushed as quick as she could then as soon as she walks in he takes 2 breaths and hes gone 🙁 🙁 my dad kept saying his name and kept trying to wake him up and nothing we called the ambulense and they tried to get him to wake up then they put him on this thing i did not know because i was 5 then they took him with my mom and my dad the next day i had like a babysitter to watch us while my parents were not home she was really nice fast forward like a week and we figure out he is gone for good for good and i did not know what was happening then it was his funneral i was not aloud to go it was a school day and i stayed home and my lil bro did to i stayed at my cousins home so did my lil bro but yeah thats what happened and to this day i am still upset it was his birthday soon and memoreal day i went to his grave yard with my dad (i miss him) 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    6. I wouldn't be able to do anything if I lost one of my loved ones I feel sorry for her

    7. I’m so sorry my grandad died of cancer before I was born but I still miss him I hope things r getting better

    8. My brothers aren’t the nicest at times, but I absolutely cannot imagine this ever happening. I love them with all my heart and I would die if this ever happened.

    9. The indigo streaks in her hair… brother committed suicide… did she scribble stars on the cuffs of her Jean's?ZOE MURPHY FROM DEAR EVAN HANSEN??I'm sorry… this is serious and I feel really bad for her.. I am a terrible person.

    10. Why the what whould you dislike this 1.6 thousend dislikes desguisting people this is sad!

    11. Poor girl…. i only lost my hamster and was broken of it i couldnt imagine losing my brother

    12. My sister has depression it used to be really bad 😢. But she's getting better so I'm happy 😃

    13. My story is that i was in the pool and we saw my dog andy following a got ran over and we got out find andy and he was bleding and the time i got home my mom told me that Andy he was dead i was crying and my granpa was crying to that my story

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