I Don’t Care What You Think Of Me For Having A Dream | Rachel Hollis on Impact Theory

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This week's guest at Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu is Rachel Hollis. Rachel Hollis is an American author, motivational speaker and blogger. She is the founder of Hollis Company and the best-selling New York Times author of "Girl, Wash Your Face" and "Girl, Stop Apologizing", among other books. In this episode, she talks about the step to your vocation, how to stop worrying about what others think and the importance of the mentality and the acquisition of skills.


Why your book was inspired by the unfortunate, unfortunate Demi Lovato [3:50]

She identifies herself as a person recovering with pleasure [5:07]

How it happened to feel paralyzed by what people think of becoming a savage [7:07]

Why do not you care if people love you [11:04]

How she deals with the triggers and the family [11:50]

Why he focuses so much on intention [14:56]

How important is the mentality, morning routines and written affirmations to achieve their goals [15:30]

Why he wrote his book on excuses and skills acquisition [18:52]

How the mental illness of his older brother formed his life [22:26]

The Fallacy of Happiness "If Only" [24:49]

Why do you think high-performing employees deal with anxiety, depression and other triggers [29:45]

The ending he made at his event and opened to the opinions of others [31:27]

What she did when her husband disliked the fact that she was waking up at 5 am [33:01]

Why so many women are lost in marriage [34:10]

"When you enter what they ask you, you give others permission to do it" [36:40]

Why it's okay for other people to be right [39:27]

The impact that she wants to have in the world [40:05]

Mentioned people

Oprah Winfrey [5:49]
Tony Robbins [8:08]
John Maxwell [21:20]
Michael Phelps [38:30]


Girl, stop apologizing for Rachel Hollis

Girl, wash your face for Rachel Hollis

Video credits to Tom Bilyeu YouTube channel

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I Don’t Care What You Think Of Me For Having A Dream | Rachel Hollis on Impact Theory

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  1. I LOVED THIS!! I had herd of the book (maybe suggested to me by Amazon?) but had no idea who she was. My biggest takeaway was something the UNIVERSE has been telling me over and over and over again lately… "It's ALL on YOU" and YOU are as important as anyone else (I am a pleaser and put other people's needs ahead of mine). Thank you, Tom!!!

  2. Wow all these exceptional awesome people Sitzung there with Tom!!! Such an amazing crowd! Definitely fuels my dedication to sit there soon as well! 😏
    Stay strong, keep working hard folks! 💪🏼
    Great interview – as always – but further you can see that Tom's interviewer skills keep improving continously as well

  3. Seriously people!! Why doesn’t Tom have millions of subs??? His content is AMAZINGGGG!!!! Love you Tom!!! ❤️❤️💗

  4. I'm really disappointed that Rachel didn't mention God or her faith once in this interview and she positions herself as a Christian. It's like she's hiding her faith to be popular.

  5. I never knew her but i now love her. She straight up explained my life in 30 min…lol thats crazy

  6. "Preparing in advance to deal with them as the person I want to be". The wisdom in that is potentially life-changing. We act on things and in situations based on instinct, habit (good or bad) or because we have an inner need to be liked by those around us. If you`re clear about your identity, and your values, and even what you WANT those to be, AND you incorporate Rachels advice of "preparing in advance" to be able to deal with any situation according to those, I`m willing to bet your personal growth is going to be exponential. Another great episode, Tom. Thank you, and thank you Rachel!

  7. Two things. In the next 5 years Ill be on Impact Theory speaking of how this moment pushed me forward.

    Also. As I was watching this I did 3.2 miles in 59 minutes. Which I have NEVER in my 30 years of life done!

    I love both of you guys!!!!!

  8. I have a journal and I write every day affirmations and gratitude, I meditate. I started my own business as a single mom and my business is a reflection of my journal two years and even resembles things I wrote down at 15

  9. I COMPLETELY relate to the fight about getting up early. I started to get up at 3 am to do Mastin Kipp's book and it was, also, my first time I did not give in and do what she wanted. You are right it was a BIG problem in the marriage. By the work I did for 40 days without missing a day gave me the momentum that has changed my life and I am figuring out how to manifest my purpose. The Universe is showing what it is has been making for me to step into.

  10. Rachel Hollis gives good advice, and I can see how that's powerful for women, but I think people insisting that it's SO important for women ultimately undercut her value. What I mean is that if only men like her, she's not seen as a real girl's girl, if she's only popular to women, she's considered not useful for men. A can't win situation. Good speaker.

  11. I love her honesty and how open she is. #1 take away is that her opinion matters more than anyone else's.

  12. Tom, I appreciate everything you do with Impact Theory. I recently committed to pursue my dream and begin to execute on them. Thank you for putting your heart into this project. Some day within the next TWO years, I will be a guest on your show. Love you bro. #Respect

  13. Rachel, you're on point when it comes to people like me. I'm surely going to take into taking control of my life better then what I've never really done. It's sad but, my fault. I've been a loser, and a POS to myself and the love of my life. Who I may lose because I've been acting like a child and not a real woman. You're awesome. Now, it's time to put it all into a walk and time to shut the fuck up. Thank you Tom For having this amazing woman in here. God sent.

  14. Awesome interview and awesomely inspiring Rachel Hollis love her shares honesty practical tips and inspiration, thanks so very much for bringing her on your Impact theory platform Tom, rockin' it! 🙂

  15. Giving each other opportunities to step into the fullness of what we are capable of. I LOVE all of this.

  16. I just got teary over the 'realized that I am a person'…we are so programed to please. It is scary and courageous to step fully into ourselves when people we are in relationships with see us in different ways. How we see ourselves is most important. I learn this over and over and over again… 🙂

  17. 'Living in opposition to what my circumstances might hint that I should be…' LovePlayLove

  18. Eat before you go is so important. Don't rely on the enemy territory, even if it's your family, to supply your energy requirements.

  19. I just spent 12 hrs in ER yesterday to rule out lots of things and learn my anxiety has escalated to panic attacks…such an ongoing process, and so many wonderful tools to help in managing stress, trauma, and daily living. Life is beautiful!!!

  20. Learning to integrate childhood and adult traumas still, age 48. Much love to us all.

  21. Thank you both! I am making such breakthroughs at being me…following my dreams…being courageously vulnerable…such an important part of living a full life. I am re-inspired to be more systematically deliberate about resetting my intentions every day.

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