I am Vitamin D Deficient!! My Story – Pain, Loss, Depression & Moving forward

[Pardon the heater🔥 @1:58] As for me, I have felt extremely fatigued and exhausted … only to discover that I am deficient in vitamin D! My story before I realized what was really happening in my body. On the road to recovery from this deficiency. So I take it as a learning experience and an opportunity for growth and discovery. Thank you for taking this trip with me. 🙂

For more information on vitamin D deficiency, see my UPDATE video:

Video credits to Indeed’s World YouTube channel

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    I am Vitamin D Deficient!! My Story – Pain, Loss, Depression & Moving forward

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    1. I had no symptoms of vitamin D, had a blood test the doctor put me on 40,000iu once a week for 7 weeks, my levels were 35.2. By the 2nd and 3rd week I had bone pain in every joint, my blood pressure went through the roof, palpations hospitalized twice and now been referred to cardio. I stopped vitamin D from the advice of health professionals and now 6 weeks later, I have knee pain and wrist pain also ankle pain. I read that it could take weeks or months to get back to where they were? Does anyone have experience with this please I'm just turned 39 years my body heals well generally?

    2. did you ever have severe arm pain like upper arms both of them for me I feel like I'm about to pulls muscle every time I move them certain ways. deep aches also. thank you God bless you and all who read this. remember Jesus took up our pain and bore our suffering to the cross we need to receive our healing by His stripes we were healed. Praying for you and all on this. God bless indeed

    3. Just go out and enjoy sunlight at least 1 hour…front and back.Trust me it will fix your every problem.This is not just the theory but the fact.

    4. I just found out today that my levels were 13 ng/ml. for the past few months, I have been extremely tired and exhausted even when I get a decent amount of sleep. My knees started hurting, then my back, then my legs felt too "heavy"? for me to walk even though I am very skinny. I couldn't focus on my workouts because the pain was so bad, every time I felt pain in the gym, I'd think I injured myself. The doctor just prescirbed me 10,000 IU daily, I hope it works.

    5. I'm dealing with vitamin D deficiency and the road to recovery is LONG! Three months ago my D3OH was at 8.3 ng/mL and I could barely walk. The exhaustion, brain fog, and pain are no joke. I hope your recovery continues and things get better!!!

    6. Girl! Me too! I know exactly how you feel. Im constantly tired, im tired of being tired. I feel anxious snd depressed. Its awful. Yup, my blood test shows D deficiency!

    7. Hello, i have my vitamin d at 9.8. How much time do you think will take to heal. I have been put on 60000UI of vitamin D-3 on weekly basis by my Doctor. I am whitish brown in colour, age 23 and have started going out in the sun as well.

    8. I'm vitamin d deficient and been tired for years. I was prescribed vitamin d high dose but I don't take them cuz I'm scared to

    9. hi. first time seeing your video. thanks. What type of bone issue did you have to deal with. I too just found out I'm extremely deficient in vitamin D.. what has been your treatment

    10. Very important video. So many Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency. People with darker skin pigmentation are even more susceptible to this deficiency.

    11. Doctor said my Vitamin D deficiency is a a 12. Im so weak in my wrist that I can barely type this youtube post. NOt even funny.

    12. receive the benefits blessing of great god creator Jesus Christ have faith trust obey creator Jesus take creator Jesus medicine daily be healed daily claim creator benefits promises

    13. I understand I just started healing from vitamin deficiency but I went like this for a couple of years I have PCOS so I comes from that too …I live in Florida though so I am getting out as much as possible now . I am taking 50,000 IUS . Thank you for sharing your story.

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