Huntington disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

What is Huntington's disease? Huntington's disease is a type of autosomal dominant disorder that involves a triple recurrence of CAG, leading to an abnormal protein that causes neuronal cell death and various movements and symptoms related to cognition. Find more videos on

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    Huntington disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

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    1. This CAG stuff is too complicated, I will remain stuck to the less complicated GOD thing…

    2. Is it possible to use gene editing techniques such as CRISPR to prevent repeat expansion of CAG?

    3. My mum has Huntington’s disease it is a genitic disease that cannot skip a generation so me or my bro will get it

    4. Why is Ach reduced? in Parkinson’s disease Ach is increased which causes the motor problems

    5. Thank you for making this video, it really helped me understand the disease for my research report. But I just have a question that since this disease is much related to Parkinson's in the abnormal, uncontrollable movements, doesn't that mean it can be treated with medical cannibis. Because it can only be suppressed by sleep, but if the symptoms are similar to parkinstons, wouldn't there be a possibility of treating it with cannibis?

    6. My mum has this disease… It's a small chance I might have it though… 🙁 The only good thing is my dad's genes take up most my body, so it's high chance I won't have it. When mum gets close to me, I tell her to get back so I don't get the disease. I also have questions: Is there a symptom of stammering from this? Is it normal for this to cause them to cough a lot? Is it normal for their voices to stammer? High blood sugar?
      I just pray I don't have the disease… 🙁
      Edit: I'm 11 also. :/

    7. I got my blood drawn 2 days ago. Waiting 3-4 weeks to know the results. Wish everyone best of luck. Take care. -San Francisco, California

    8. I might be mistaken, but at 1.52 shouldn't it be the other way around? I mean HTT's sequence is CAGCAG etc. Then shouldn't the DNA Polymerase translate it from the CAG sequence into the GTC sequence?

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