How To Tell You Are Awakening! Depression…

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I have been listening to many people suffering from depression, and although there are many different reasons why people experience depression, one is often overlooked.

Depression, in fact, is one of the first signs of spiritual awakening. It is a sign that the spirit within you is waiting for you to remember who they are.

Most people think that the physical realm is all there is, but they will spend a rather awkward moment when they discover that this is completely false.

There is much beyond what the eyes can see, what the ears can hear and, definitely, what the mind can think.

You are only experiencing such a small amount of the world around you.

The time has come, where waking up and remembering who you are now is more important than anything else we can do.

When everything is said and done, when your life here is over, you will be who you really are.

A change is taking place, many people are finally waking up!

I can't wait to see everyone on the other side!

As always, much love and thank you very much.

Video credits to KaliELA Ishvara YouTube channel

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How To Tell You Are Awakening! Depression…

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  1. I've found that depression and boredism go hand in hand. In that discovery I've also found the cure for one, is also the cure for the other. That cure is as simple as this; "Love your neighbors as you love yourself". But first, most of us have to learn to love ourselves. Most people don't realize the animosity they have for themselves, and the love and forgiveness they withhold from themselves. End result; depression, boredism, loneliness, hopelessness, and an impending sense of doom and gloom. I've found that the best way to overcome those things is to start showing yourself some regard and try becoming someone you can love and respect. And it's not that hard. IE: When you see someone struggling with life, help them out. Forget about YOU for a minute and help them out.
    Not too long ago I was so depressed I hated life and even hated God (Whom I ironically claimed didn't exist). I had a horrible childhood and a worse adulthood up to that point but….I had a neighbor whom after struggling for months with unemployment and poverty, finally got a job, but his car wouldn't make it for 2 weeks till he got paid. So I felt sorry for him, even though I was broke too, I fixed it for him for free. That actually made me feel pretty good, so I decided to go and mow an old lady's overgrown lawn before the city did it and charged her a fortune she wouldn't be able to pay, and I ended up having to drive over 20 miles just to get to it.
    Then I played music at a hospice house for people who were dying, and I helped an old man save his home from being condemned and torn down, which would've left him penniless. And all this I did for free. Sometimes it even cost me a couple bucks but after a few rounds of forgetting about "me" and realizing what "giving my life away" really meant, I also began to realize that "love" was more an action word than a noun. Then I discovered why we're not all multi talented…. because we would never need each other. I looked at myself one day and realized I was looking at someone I loved and respected. Someone who didn't have time for depression and doom and gloom. And, someone who was not proud or haughty but self confident. Big difference!
    Even more important I discovered what stupid beliefs like "evolution" had denied me. I discovered that I am a spirit who has always existed and this body is little more than a biological machine "designed" to give me a "human" experience much the same way a car gives us a driving experience. And like a car, when this body breaks down, we simply get out and walk. The afterlife is a like a restaurant called "The Karma Coffee Shop". There's no menu, you get what you deserve!….a good day to you madam! Good video!

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