How To Get Out of a Funk – Apathy and Depression | Fearless Q&A

If you're in a funk, you're probably experiencing apathy. (Depression and apathy can be very similar). Brian gives advice on how to get out of his funk, why the lack of passion happens in many of us and how to fix it. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE:

Apathy is the feeling and related thoughts and emotions such as:
-I can not
-What is the point?
-It will not work
-It will never work * for me *
-Who cares?
-I'm not good enough
-I am convicted / sentenced
-Nothing will change / nothing will work
-I'm bored
-You can not win
– demoralized
-Too tired
And the list goes on.

And it really protects you from feeling other things you do not want to feel or a white noise from feeling all at once, like Brian talks in the video.

Apathy is the lowest and heaviest emotion on the emotional scale of "AGFLAP CAP":

(Some have love as a separate emotion in the CAP region).

When Brian discusses with the viewer asking the question, can he begin to change the "I can not" to "I will not do it", or another applicable statement that gives him more power and responsibility for any tone of apathy / thought. and the feelings characterize the funk you are in: you can start to climb the emotional scale and begin to see and feel new possibilities and motivation.

Some of the other suggestions in the video:
-play in an area of ​​your life you are not in apathy
– physical activity that you love (that is, dancing) … The movement can be excellent to awaken your body and your emotions
– Do something (a student saw sad movies all weekend) that triggers the pain, hugs him and lets him out. Usually, there is pain under the apathy that protects you from feeling the pain. If you unleash those emotions, you can begin to deal with them, process them and continue to raise the scale. Remember, grief means that you are really in touch with your emotions; When apathy is really your emotions numbs.
– Go for a walk on the beach or in the sun.
-meditate (this is one of the most powerful ways to work to get out of apathy.)

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How To Get Out of a Funk – Apathy and Depression | Fearless Q&A

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  1. It's so difficult to keep trying and trying, one or two things hits me and all my flow goes down it's like I'm trying to pick the pieces back up and relearn everything each time I get hit with a rejection or a no answer back. Now I feel in this funk where it feels like I dont remember much about how to be with woman.

  2. Hey Brian! I know you do meditation too. Which kind of meditation you do, can you tell me? Thanks and you’re awesome!

  3. I have a question : I texted a girl I met one night (I was the DJ and she just got my phone number) and asked her out, but she told me she would prefer that we meet in a group first. Should our first encounter be a one-on-one or a group meeting (so she can trust me and then get a first date) ?

  4. The hells with u n books, it's always books books books f*ck books brah, i use to hv many headaches, n now wen it's like i ain't feeling noth, lack of empathy, not giving a fk, the headaches ain't a bother no more, idk maybe it's for the best

  5. Dude, you are into Quantum mechanics, aren't you? Me too, and i'm using a Tool that helps the releasing and put energy into you with any information in the universe. Feelings, ideas, habilities… Its from Brazil

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