How To Deal With Depression – Stop Feeling Worthless Now

The best-selling author, Noah Elkrief, explains how to deal with depression by showing you how to stop feeling useless at this time
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Have you been dealing with depression? Do you want to know how to deal with depression and stop feeling worthless? If so, you are in the right place. This video is meant to help you deal with depression by showing you that it is worthless, which can help you get relief at this time.

Noah Elkrief

This video is about how to deal with depression. To deal with depression and stop feeling worthless, you must first understand what causes depression. It may seem that your depression is created by being something that is wrong with you or your life, but in reality that is not true. If it were, then all those who have the same facts as those who would be forced to face depression at all times. But that is not the case. Your feelings do not prove that they are worthless because feelings are created by thoughts, not by facts. That means that your feelings are not created by anything that is wrong with you.

How to deal with depression? Discover that your feelings do not prove you are useless. Discovering that no job or situation means value and value. Discover that what you most want is peace. Recognize that no situation can bring peace because no situation can get rid of your thoughts.

How to deal with depression? We must recognize the difference between imagination and reality. "Evil" and "courage" only exist in the imagination. When dealing with depression, if you see this clearly, you can get great relief.

How to deal with depression? Discover that there is no such thing as value or value, and then you can not decide that you are unworthy. Discover that you can only find value in your imagination, and even if you think you are worthy, you will suffer anxiety, insecurities, worries and everything else.

I hope this video on how to treat depression will be useful.

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    How To Deal With Depression – Stop Feeling Worthless Now

    Comments 36

    1. In my experience you should also allow yourself to feel what you feel and not fight against it. The feeling IS real, but the thoughts are not.

    2. I have anxiety and feel worthless because i started training handball a year ago and i feel like haven’t improved at all and I’m back at the beginning. Everybody else has already given at least one goal but i still haven’t.
      And i have some problems at home that on to it. But i really appreciate the video.

    3. This is the first video I watched on your channel and it really helped me understand my thinking. Other people say things like: a thaught can be changed or: just put your attention on other "positive" things.
      But your words are giving me a real understanding and logic. I am very thankful for your video and I will continue viewing them! Much love to you ❀

    4. You are genius but this is hard to swallow. There are too many convenstions people have made to opperate which means to meassure things that are not existant.

    5. Your beautiful soul, gentle nature and wise way of looking at life has stopped me from commiting suicide several times over the past 2 yrs, thanks so much. Sincerly, me

    6. Feels like I've made no mental progress. It's been a hellish struggle over the past three years, and while recently becoming the person I know I am, and being content and happy, it's back to step one. It's hard, but we'll make it.

    7. I am worthless and unworthy. I’m a waste of space and oxygen.

    8. Thank you for ure wonderful video. I have good job, good life, loving family , loving partner….. but i still not happy . All the time find something wrong in everything. .. i do or say. Always feel unhappy. Feel like failure. Feel GOD donot love me. Feel my partner donot love as much i love him… feel my peers hate my in my working place…..and the list can go on ……i try to see thing in positive way but unable. …. sometimes i just want someone to talk…to share my feeling… many time feel to end my life… still thinking as that will be the best way to end this loneNESS.
      Your videos…unable changes my negative or the way i FEEL..but IT MAKE ME TO THINK. TQ HOPE TO FIND MYSELF . TQ

    9. Hi, just wondering where acknowledgement and compliments fits in here and how it seems to make us feel "more worthy"? Thanks.

    10. I just see you and I feel better ❀ Thank you so much Noah, you changed my life! I love you ❀

    11. do any of you know how noah is doing nowadays? hope he is doing well. you saved me thank you Noah.

    12. I hear what you're saying, but I disagree… Your nose is beautiful, like the rest of your face. πŸ˜‰

    13. This must be the best video that you have ever made. Happiness is the opposite of suffering and all our suffering derives from judgement of yourself, bad thoughts about yourself.

    14. πŸ‘ THANK YOU, you have such a calm presence. Did you go to college to be a counselor?

    15. Hi Noah , I really like this video u start to change the way I think … I want to ask if you are not making the videos to add
      value or to have impact on us and there is no way you will feel worthy or unworthy by sharing your great ideas then why you make it …. I'm asking you cuz I'm struggling with this for a long time , when I do great and valuable things I hear a voice in my head telling me what is the point of ding this what is the benefits of doing it even when I'm doing something really great and should help others .. I really want your advice on how can I get rid of this way of thinking
      … thank you so much

    16. How do you get rid of that feeling in your stomach and that pressure on your chest? I get it all the time whenever im anxious, i usually get it in the mornings just before i wake up. Its the worst thing. I have to overdose on tramadol to get rid of that feeling inside my stomach. My heart starts racing and i start sweating, i lose my appetite and i lose motivation to do anything, i just want to stay in bed. Even when i tell myself to stop thinking of negative things, it still happens. I feel like nothing helps. Im 20 and i feel like im too young to live life this way, everyone around me is happy and gets along with their life whereas for me it's difficult to even get out of bed

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