How I Overcame Depression, Anxiety, And Addiction-Andrew's True Story Of Addiction

Andrew's recovery story: How I got over depression, anxiety and addiction. In this video, the addiction specialist interviews recovery coach Andrew F. of Greenville Transitions. Andrew talks about how he spent years visiting psychiatric hospitals, counselors and psychiatrists to get help for his depression and anxiety, but it was not until he turned to his alcoholism that he began to improve.

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My story:
Hi. My name is Amber Hollingsworth. I am a licensed professional counselor and a nationally certified addiction teacher counselor. My mission is to help train as many people and families as possible to recover their lives, conquer addiction and alcoholism and use their talents for the betterment of themselves and others.

This is how I got here:

My first job in the mental health field lasted almost 10 years. I worked in a psychiatric acute care hospital. During those 10 years, I saw a LOT! I did many different jobs in the hospital. I developed and directed an intensive outpatient program for adolescents. I worked in the adult detoxification unit, in the adult psychiatric unit, and even worked with patients with chronic and serious mental illness. The place where I worked was a pretty decent facility with regard to mental health hospitals, but after seeing the same patients entering and leaving the hospital for years, I decided that I had to do something different.

Most addiction and mental health facilities are more like factories. People enter and leave the network and the focus is paperwork and CYA! A large part of the mental health systems we have in place consist of filling out forms to collect someone's insurance or documenting things to make sure and keeping the facility out of trouble. This takes such a precedent, there is almost no individual therapy to occur, the evolution of the family is just a phone call to make sure there are no guns in the house, and after-sales plans are just a checklist.

I do not really blame the facilities or the people who work there (I was one of them for almost 10 years!) It's just a broken and overwhelmed system. Of course, all these places use verbosity as "Individualized treatment plan" and "Relapse prevention programs", but these are just buzzwords that staff learn to use regularly.

If you have treated this system as a patient / client or family member of a patient, then I know you know what I am talking about. Do you ever feel like you're reading a script? It's not because these people do not care, it's because they have their hands tied and do not really have the time or resources to provide the patients / clients / families with the care they really need.

In 2011, I left the hospital and started my own outpatient addiction treatment center, called the Hope For Families Recovery Center. I designed the program specifically to meet the needs of the clients and families we serve. We do not respond to insurance companies and, due to that, we dedicate 95% of our time to the direct attention of clients and families. We have the time to listen and the flexibility to be creative in our solutions.

My practice was growing and growing. In fact, I had to move to a larger office building twice in 5 years. Our clients loved our family approach to treatment! But I must admit that doing things the right way is time consuming and not economical for all customers who need our services.

I wanted to discover how to serve more people and help educate families about how to access the help they need. I thought that internet was the best way to reach most people. I did a little research and what I found was that a lot of people shared their stories and a lot of people talked about the problem, but there is almost no one to tell people how to solve these problems.
That's why I started this YouTube channel: Drop the shovel! In this channel, you can access all the information as if you were actually a client in our private practice.

Help us support my mission to reach as many people as possible by subscribing to this channel and sharing relevant content with others.

For more information about Hope For Families, you can visit our website at

Video credits to Put The Shovel Down YouTube channel

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How I Overcame Depression, Anxiety, And Addiction-Andrew's True Story Of Addiction

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  1. We are so happy to have this guy on our team at Greenville Transitions! Thanks for the video Andrew!

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