How I felt… My Sickness and Depression Story

A story about my medical problems that I had, and many different things that I dealt with. Depression and how to improve.
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    How I felt… My Sickness and Depression Story

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    1. What an inspiration you are Rob!! You have helped us all so much as well! So glad you are doing better!

    2. This made me feel less alone. The part where you said you’re just existing that hit me the most and not wanting no one to feel obligated to help you. The one thing that’s keeping me going is a song called Reborn by Kid Cudi and Kanye West. Specifically a line that Cudi repeats keep moving forward, that’s what I tell myself. And I honestly found my TRUE friends through all of it. I’m glad you’re doing okay and hopefully I can be in the same position as you soon.

    3. Dude..This channel needs more attention. Like, holy SHIT. Your channel is amazing. Keep up the good work!

    4. Kidney disease trying to get doctors to find out what was wrong with me it took a good 6 years for one thank God finly say my kidney are functioning at a low percent I was happy and scared at the same time he told tell will fail someday but when I was 12 they failed was on dialysis for almost 4 years and thank God I got a kidney

    5. I also use the mentality someone has it worse. Stories like this about those people overcoming their difficulties help a lot. Thanks.

    6. I felt the HOLLOWNESS but wasn’t sure enough. I found your channel around 2014 and felt that “something” was wrong. I followed up. From the first video, I felt nah he’s not gonna understand my feelings. It’ll be irrelevant to stay. But things flipped for me too on a downfall along those timelines. Here we are 4 years later feeling the “HOLLOWNESS” all together.
      I could feel the repression but was always unsure to say something through the videos.
      Moral of the story: lots and loads of hatred comes from odd clashes of timelines. Choose your Hatred Figure carefully.
      I’ll be okay to see more of your pefanal veebeeoss. We’ve missed YOU.

    7. Statistically, men commit suicide more, and have higher depression rates than women. Just thought I’d throw that out there

    8. Robs Rants you may be having breakdowns, but at least you have the balls to say you just want to see life again beautifully. Fuck Tumblr with that safe space shit, we need to help suffering people grow.

    9. i was bullied a lot in middle school to have social anxiety and moderate-at-worst depression. i played a lot of disturbing m rated games, like playing The Suffering, and something like Doom. i just can't really control some really weird things i do, like pacing around all night on my cell phone looking up every 2 seconds, or just constantly fidgeting or being totally catatonic. if people hurt me, i just can't control my aggression. If i become catatonic, then i hear a child scream or animal braying and something at the corner of my eye. it's just messed up how i just become a mentally disturbed 17 year old who just can't deal with his normal day to day living, with ignorant people trying to be like him because they need an excuse to be bums. it really makes me sick how people who joke about "kill myself "casually, seriously, a bad grade on a test sheet, and there's people who are in a disturbing psyche ward who just want to be humanlike again.

    10. It’s so crazy how people (including me) just take advantage of our health and never really appreciate how lucky we are to simply not feel pain and be able to wake up and get out of bed and basically live and you’re over here saying all these horrible unimaginable things that are happening to you and all the horrible things that have happened to others who wish they could take another persons place. Not sure where I was going with that it was just a thought but it really fucking sucks you had to go through that and I’m glad it appears you’re doing all good now!

    11. Rob Darling,
      I admire you very much. I don’t know what else to say. I don’t want to say that you’re strong and I don’t want to validate you because you already know that, and you believe it and that’s the beautiful thing. But I can give you and remind you of your recognition. You know there’s hope, you exemplify hope. I truly believe you are the best youtuber out there. I don’t want to go in my experience with server depression because I don’t need to bring attention upon myself, but I wish so badly I can tell you about it and get authentic feedback and advice. I love you so much Rob, so so so much I can’t explain it. I really can’t. I wish so much that I can know you in real life. I really hope and pray to find more people like you. If I can email you and get advice I would be so thankful. But I’m thankful as it is seeing your videos and post. 💜 thanks Rob

    12. nofap
      cold showers
      working out
      eating healthy
      and drop short term pleasure out of your life
      and become the best version of yourself

    13. Sounds like me over New Years, I felt like shit for 2 weeks and 2 days. It was a severe cold at the time in case if your wondering what i'm talking about. Anyways anything I ate, I ended up puking it back out, went to bed around 11 PM every night and i felt like someone soccer punched me on the side of the head because I had a severe migraine on top of my cold. After taking so much over the counter drugs, and taking many hot showersbaths, 2 weeks later i felt better, but not 100%. So I thought okay then, I'll just take easy until I feel better, So 2 days later, I've never felt better I finally fought it off. Let me just say I NEVER want to go through that again.

    14. Thanks for sharing. Eager to hear part 2, and genuinely grateful you were able to overcome all that you suffered through. So many of us take good health for granted.

    15. As someone whos been 'following' you for about 10 years now, Im glad you made this video and im glad you're better now man. This gave me some hope as someone who has depression.

    16. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope this could help anyone who is going through any of those symptoms and feelings. I'm sure it'd have helped me before, I've spent 3 years staying at home isolated with depression. I'm still kind of depressed, it's like the feeling once it begins it'll never fade away completely, but now I'm willing to fight and do the best I can.
      My advice is this: indifference isn't good. Always express whatever you're feeling in whatever way you can and in the healthiest way possible, whether talking, writing, doing sport, studying, traveling… Do something, distract yourself, care for yourself.

    17. I've watched your videos since 2008 man back in the guitar hero days, I'm probably only a year or two younger also, so I basically grew up watching your videos throughout and I know it played a huge part in developing my sense of humor along with many other aspects of my outlook on life. To hear what you've been going through is hard and I have nothing but respect for you for sharing, as being open about something so personal shows true strength. I too have felt similar over these past years for some similar and some different reasons then yours, however I definitely did not go through that extensive of a process for testing as I never wanted to be a financial burden on anyone in my family. Ultimately I just want to say you're an inspiration to many man, myself included, and that you will always be a source of inspiration and influence for those to watch you in the ensuing years. Let that serve as extra motivation as you continue to persevere through the tough days and lavish in the easier ones!

    18. I'm tired of people saying I look like Rob… Lol!
      Great video nonetheless, can definitely relate quite a bit!

    19. Also rob, 'someone out there has it worse' is no reason to look down on your own problems. Just because someone else has it worse doesnt make your problems any less important.

    20. You're a fighter rob you're one of those people that would be given like a month to live but would live for a further 10 years. Max respect

    21. I rarely comment on youtube but i just wanted to say thank you for being such a badass. I really hope that you believe it when people say that you are inspiring. It sounds like you've been through hell and i admire how honest you are. But most of all i'm so fucking happy that you're still with us after everything

    22. It's amazing to see you back on the path of happiness and out of the depths of depression. Super inspiring, even made me tear up

    23. You really are a very strong person, if all that happened to me Im not shure if I could survive that. World needs more people like u!

    24. I can't wait for part 2! 😀

      This is indeed inspiring hopefully I will think about those things when I end up going through a hard time.

    25. Very interesting video Rob. I’m glad you found a cure for your sickness. It really sounds terrifying that you couldn’t find a doctor to help you, but I think you and others who’ve been in similar situations now realize the limitations of western medicine. I’m very excited to hear about part 2. Being Native American and using traditional ways of knowledge and healing is stuff that I’ve experienced. Usually people don’t believe those types of cures will work, but those who realize there’s more to life than we understand will definitely get treated by those different, non-westernized, ways. Great video man.

    26. I had no idea about all this. I'm happy that you are feeling better right now. You are an inspiration.

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