How Do You Tell Someone That You’re Depressed?

Some people are afraid that their parents will judge them, not understand them or disown them.

I totally understand how scary it is to speak openly or tell people how you feel and what your symptoms are, believe me, I know how petrifying this experience can be.

So how do you tell your parents and your family?

The mistake that many people make is simply to tell them that I am depressed and that is all, if you tell them that they will not fully understand how you feel and sometimes they may think that you are not depressed because you have not explained it. Anything for them.

Feel them, be in an environment that is comfortable for you, explain everything, I am not only depressed, do not even mention the word depression to start, mention how you feel, how you feel. Day by day, talk about your symptoms, why you think you may feel this way and then tell them you think you are depressed.

This way, they can see how he feels, his symptoms, how it is affecting him and better understand why he thinks he is depressed.

The same goes for your friends, don't tell them I'm depressed, treat your friends the same way you would with your family.

What about a therapist?

Keep in mind that the therapist is there to help you, you cannot help him if he does not know how he feels.

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    How Do You Tell Someone That You’re Depressed?

    Comments 19

    1. my mom loves me to bits and my mom took me to the doctors and he doctor told me do counsling but my mom won;t do that

    2. Good evening Charlie. I hope this finds you and yours well.

      I notice that this is geared toward young people. I am 55, a grandmother, and scared to pieces to let people know I am depressed and suffer from anxiety. I haven't even spoken to my husband of 35yrs about until just last week.

      I do wish to thank you for your videos. They are a great tool for me to improve myself and my relationship with my family and friends.

    3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! i needed this so much!!! Also the message really hit me hard! ❤️ But like what if your don't have a good contention with your parents?

    4. Hey Charlie. I don't know why but I feel like my psychiatrist doesn't likes me , every time when we meet I always opens up my problems but he feels so irritated, what should I do. I don't feel good by his behavior.

    5. No one in school knows I have depression nor do they know I’m a highly sensitive person so when I do things by accident or without say stuff without awareness because of my depression they just see a bad reputation of me so I get blamed without knowing my story

    6. Simple answer: just simply don’t tell them
      (I feel like people view me differently if I do.apart from my best friend ,but she only found out due to my suicide attempt 😓)

    7. Thank you for talking about this. It is hard to open up sometimes because you don't want to appear weak or broken.

    8. My mother found out because i made a depression test and she saw that and asked me…
      I tryed before to tell my sister to ask mom for a psychologist for me.
      In the end my mother got a psychologist for me and then the psychologist talked with the psychiatrist and i had to talk to her too.
      I can't tell to the therapist about everything because she's still a stranger for me (i am really shy) and there are some……really sad and painful things i should say ,things that could change her diagnose for me!

    9. Hello… I just had three panic attacks consecutively and I don't even know why… Today is not a good day. How is everyone else doing?

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