How a Bout of Depression Led to Dwayne Johnson’s Career-Defining Moment | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

After playing soccer for four years at the University of Miami, Dwayne Johnson was ignored by the NFL. While playing for the Canadian Football League for a short time, he was finally ejected from his team, the Calgary Stampeders, and sent to pack. At age 23, Dwayne found himself living in his parents' small apartment, battling depression. For more information on #masterclass, visit

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How an episode of depression led to the defining moment of Dwayne Johnson's career | Oprah master class | Oprah Winfrey's network

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    How a Bout of Depression Led to Dwayne Johnson’s Career-Defining Moment | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

    Comments 35

    1. He can get threw it so can other people their is always light @ the end of the tunnel it may seem like forever but eventually it gets better

    2. The best part of Oprah's video is when she invites you to subscribe. When she says "update", "laugh a little bit", "Youtuuube". I laugh all the time.

    3. nem . amig nem fizetek nem, kaptok semmit ennyi:))) szerintem mind gyava , gyenge szarok vagytok 3 másodpercenkénti más profilobo irok:)))))))))))))) jogdijam változatlan és modosithatatlan a számotokra egy osszegben kérem a vagyonomat és leszerom mit zagyváltok :))) és majd arra költöma mire akarom :)))

    4. I wonder why his dad didn't think he could make it as a wrestler ? Good thing "The Rock" decided to do it.

    5. Sadly my 21yr old son took his life May 27th 2018,he suffered mental illness, I'm so lost!! My daughters,I are trying to cope,but so hard!!

    6. I've struggled with depression my entire life. Will you guys listen to the song I wrote about it?

    7. Did you ever think you could be the reason behind this reality, all a sudden once you realize what life really is the whole meaning behind existence suddenly reality snaps back into place and all for a lesson learned. Everyone you've ever known was an illusion set up by existence to teach only you a lesson and it all is incredibly real until you learn the lesson set forth by God intended for you yourself to learn.

    8. When i tell my parents i'm depressed,they just tell me to stop thinking about feeling depressed. (Sorry for my english)

    9. Never was on the Dwayne train like the rest of the world until this video. He is really a beautiful soul!

    10. There's something great on the other side. I'm glad I'm starting to reach it. 💙

    11. It's nice to know you're not alone that even celebrities go through it. Mine comes from combat experiences and not being able to support my family in the way I had before. Thank you Dwayne for sharing I know how hard it is.

    12. It’s like all successful/great people have been through a bout of depression or struggle with it. Makes me feel a lot better. When you’re in the storm it’s easy to think you’re the only one & you’re super alone. ❤️

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