HOI4 How to Get Rid of the Great Depression as USA By 1937 (Hearts of Iron 4 USA Guide)

Today, the hoi4 man the guns tutorial will show you how to eliminate the great depression in hoi4 like the USA. UU Since 1937. This Hearts of Iron 4 tutorial shows you the strategy to easily eliminate the Great Depression and get rid of it. Fast isolation without disturbances like America, even in mp games

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Video credits to Dustinl796 Videos YouTube channel

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    HOI4 How to Get Rid of the Great Depression as USA By 1937 (Hearts of Iron 4 USA Guide)

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    1. I have 3k hours in this game and I really loved playing hearts of iron but getting rid of depression in 37 ain't a big deal anymore
      The USA is so ridiculously OP now that it really kills the game. Same with the UK just not as bad as with the US. Playing Axis is gonna be a nightmare. Of course I could still win as Germany or Japan or whatever but it's just no fun anymore

    2. i think if you do playthroughs of these, they will be more interesting. most people dont have time to waste on a replay of usa for a small change

    3. Banning parties are extremely bad for stability however doing anti raids is better for stability.

      Small lobby effort have better congress support / pp efficiency.

    4. Take some Setralin, Quetiapin and Rivotril to treat the US great depression

    5. I think suspend persecution its not necesarry, i can get giant wake in 1938 and more than 40 dockyord without it. Without it i got time i need to get more dockyard, more ships to upgrade and new ship aswell, i can build all subs, destroyer, cruiser heavy or light, battleship, carrier and then transport ship

    6. Absolutely Insane! Managed to get almost all my civ Factories by 1937 and went full dockyard mode. 104 Docks by 1938 completely crushed Japan after I managed to sneak out of the London Fleet treaty 😀

    7. USA is so OP because of the changes made with last update. You can have 400+ ships with 15 carriers, 120 x 40 combat width divisions and 10k aircraft by 1941. And you never run out of fuel,
      it's absolutely retarded! Playing as any of the axis is hopeless, because even if you manage to knock out the Soviet Union. One moment later: Japan has capitulated and Allied troops have taken Rome. One late game I was playing, Berlin ended up getting nuked in late 1943. They might as well call it the "America Fuck Yeah!" DLC.

    8. Just what I need to get murica's hammer to crush fascist skulls:
      Getting the giant to get off the depressed couch

    9. As soon as you released this I was loading into a game and tried it out as USA. Nice video!

    10. I know it's just a fun video showing us this method, but when you took neutrality act over limited intervention I felt personally offended.

    11. In the end of the video i saw that you produced super heavies and i was wondering what template you were using with them

    12. This is all well and good, but when's that Liberia capitulating the Soviet Union tutorial coming out?

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