Her last words (depression based)

Song made for people who have depression or want to try to understand it more like subscribe

Video credits to Reece Schnabel YouTube channel

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    Her last words (depression based)

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    1. I'm just tired of everything I'm tired of drama of tired of people I'm tired of everything I hate how people judge others and bully and stuff I'm sick of it it hurts a lot and when it hurts no one still cares like damn I fucking can't stand people

    2. My story: it all started when I was 9 I realized that my mom and dad cared less about and my brother had all the attention so I was always left some day the day of my life happened my sister that lives in another side of the world came and live with us since my parents my sister move in there were more less attention on me after that I started to be screamed a lot so I became a rebel every night I cry my self to sleep drama at school and at home I had no where to be safe and happy the only person that i loved was my sisters son so I always stayed in my room and one day my sister left us and lived with her boyfriend and took the only person I loved and loved 4 hours away from me I had four best friends and we always get mad or something bad I'm in summer break and I texted one my most trusted friend in school and we had a argument and I can't say sorry because I deleted her number I realized that had fake friends and this friend is a real friend and I don't have her in my life then my aunt lived with me and had a girl and a boy the girl was 5 and the boy was 3 my 3year old cousin always made me smile on day my dad told me my other sister was very sick she could not move her mouth and someone called my dad and told him that she was dead the thing is that my sister was pregnet and lost the baby bou the was ok and I currently 11 I had a terrible life I hope you don't experience what I have'd

    3. Why does this song feel like it is to me…I can relate so much I am shaking and I dropped my phone and cried for hours it feels like nobody understands I started to write more then I deleted it…I don't want to be an attention stealer nvm me

    4. Does anyone have IG maybe we can talk cause I don’t know I’m depressed. Shit am only 12. I just wanna say goodbye. I’m scared because I am my limits with the shit my life and I’d rather be dead.

    5. I am so done right now. I want to leave here but I'm so scared for my family and friends. I am so sad and depressed to the point that I just wish I could fall asleep and never wake up but each time I try to die I think about them. This is driving me crazy. I can't do this anymore.

    6. For the people who are having problems with difficult things to handle. I made an Instagram just for you it's called:


      Just know that. I will LISTEN. and I will CARE.
      (Feel free to message me whenever you like)

    7. I'm 12. My parents found out about my self-harm and depression as well as panic attacks and extreme paranoia and anxiety. They PROMISED help. Promised it. Then my mom said it. "If i see any more cuts, you'll be in so much trouble. Don't be stupid. This is stupid. You just want attention." IF I WANTED ATTENTION I WOULDN'T HAVE HIDDEN IT FOR 2 and a half years. a few months after she promised help i relapsed. It was so hard fighting it. And then I just gave up. I want to tell her what I'm dealing with, But I'll get in trouble. I will get in trouble for having depression.

    8. My best friend has depression. But I need her to know that I’m always there for her and I want to help her. But I noticed there were cuts on her wrists when she came to school and that’s how I found out she was depressed. I always push away the people who are mean to her and she is so beautiful and smart. I don’t know why they choose her. I want her to stay with me and even typing this makes me cry. I just need my best friend to stay here with me

    9. I have depression and my family doesn't know what to do I really need help nearly cute my arm

    10. I can relate to this song so much i just cant do it cuz I have a lot of friends who are like me and I have to makesure there ok

    11. I was bout to kill myself then I decided to listen to this song but I ended up cutting my arm 😭😭😭😭 still hating life tho

    12. I have MDD, yes its a type of depression.
      One of the symptoms is: sucicidal thoughts and sucicide attempets.

      this song relates to me…

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