Help with Depression – Tips on How to Deal with Anger by DepressionHero

Do you need help with depression? Do you want to learn how to deal with anger? If you do, then join me on the trip to discover how to deal with anger and negative thoughts through simple self-help tips for depression that used to beat depression.

You may be wondering what causes depression. You may want to know what the definition of depression is. For me, the depression was feeling like a loser, ducking, having little energy and not even realizing I was depressed. After getting help, I discovered that one of the causes was that I had a lot of repressed anger. This is actually one of the symptoms of depression in women and signs of depression in men. It comes from wanting to control situations that you do not have.

My name is Omar Faith and this video is about what happens when we try to control things and, as a result, we get frustrated. When we get depressed, things happen to us that are beyond our control. We also get angry with ourselves and with our lives. We get into these negative conversations in our heads that are hard to stop and really depress us.

In this video, I will teach you about the connection between anger and the feeling of depression and adaptability. The tools I offer will help you discover how to eliminate depression and feelings of frustration, doubt, sadness and hopelessness. I overcame depression by finding the desire and willpower to find happiness again, and you can also apply the techniques in my videos.

Go get more self-help videos for depression and learn more about what I did to overcome my depression and how you can get rid of it.

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    Help with Depression – Tips on How to Deal with Anger by DepressionHero

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    1. Thank you so much for this video. I can relate so much to how you feel. I want to control things, and I guess I feel entitled to a fairness in life and I let it bring me down and get me depressed. I have isolated myself a lot…I've been on the high like you and lost it all, and I dwell on this. I need to learn how to cope…I am being negative and letting every little issue bring me down further and further. I am seeking out help…started seeing a therapist, but she just listens to what I say, and I don't think I'm hearing a lot of answers, which makes me feel more hopeless, but videos like yours are helping. I need help/views/inputs/ideas from others. I'm seeking that. I need to learn to cope and get over it.

    2. Love your vid. Way to chanel feelings in positive way to inspire others. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. You made some really powerful points.

    3. The people that end up either exploding, having a breakdown or sink into depression are people that don't talk it through.  I say talk with your friends and family about things that bother you.  It isn't a good idea to go off half-cocked and yell at someone but if you are angry- that's normal. If you are disappointed- that's normal but talk it through.    Just talk- friends want to be of help.  They care about you.  If you don't have friends- go to a therapist.  Bottom line is that when you voice your doubts, concerns, etc. you hear sometimes how silly or irrational you are for having these thoughts. Or if you are constantly depressed about something- change it.  If it's marriage, weight, a job…take those baby steps to get free of the bondage of these things.  It might not happen this second but if you have a goal- divorce, weight loss, a new job… then you know what you have to do.  It might not be easy but it's liberating.  Staying in a sad situation causes depression.

    4. Your life us nice in all but I don't care about your life I just don't want do be depressed every day of my life I was in this bid for 1:30 and then left

    5. I've been having issues with my roommates at college and i want to stop getting angry at them but i don't know how. What should i do?

    6. That's awesome Nina. Once you understand what is happening inside, it's easier to deal with! It's important to become aware, adapt, flow and learn and not become rigid. Let me know what insights you got!

    7. I put this video on my favourites to watch every single day… maybe several times per day would be good for me. A million thanks.

    8. you are the only one I managed to listen to without getting upset and starting swear.
      Thank you sincerely.

    9. Thanks for your comments Badbhex Hex!
      Yes, we get so caught up in trying to control our world that I sometimes do exactly that – bust out laughing – and that breaks the tension i feel within so i can let go. Remember even the rich and famous are susceptible to ups and downs! We're all human!

    10. I have to bust out laughing, because so fast do I forget that the world does not need to be controlled. Ha, even with the thinking Im not alone! It is a good reminder that others go through the ups and downs. I love your process the truth, the openness your really very inspirational!

    11. Hi, have you seen my latest YT Depression video? Take a look and let me know what you think! /watch?v=xiHSaFTu9TI

    12. I appreciate your feedback! Have you seen my most recent Depression video? Take a look and let me know what you think! /watch?v=xiHSaFTu9TI

    13. Hi Zee, I just released a new YT video. Check it out and let me know what you think. /watch?v=xiHSaFTu9TI Thanks, Omar.

    14. Hi Zee,

      It's good to hear that you were able to apply some of my advice in helping your friends. Stay tuned with my other videos and leave me more comments on what worked for them. Better yet, let your friends see my videos and tell me what they think.


    15. I am so grateful to you for making these videos,they help me to understand what is happening to some of my friends that are suffering from depression. I am able to help them by using your advise. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Z

    16. So true. It's as you say, situations sometimes goes out of our control that it's literally driving us nuts. Nothing goes forever so we either learn to adapt or be consumed in a state of anger ultimately leading to depression. Which to choose? I would say ADAPT.

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