Happy Depression

Depression is not always being depressed and not feeling well. Being depressed has many faces. One that I experienced a couple of years ago was happy depression. I relate it with feeling good, but an event of life happens that takes us away from our path that we have been falling. This change can cause a path that blinds us to how we can really feel.
It happened to me two years ago. I was driving cross country on a large platform delivering goods to America. I had turned my vehicle into a university adapted to the things I wanted to learn and, while driving, I was learning all kinds of things that seemed important to me. One of those things was saving money and learning to manage it through frugality and investment. I also listened to many audible books about personal development and other skills that one day I could use and examine my true vocation.
At that time, I was dating a girl who lived near my hometown in Monterrey, California. Going out to see her was very nice and there were also many things that I liked about her. We went in different directions, since I want to grow and be more, while she was content with smoking marijuana every day and spending time. I do not feel that I was better than her, I just expected more from me and from anyone with whom I would be in the long term.
To summarize the story, we finished breaking it after a couple of years and, at the same time, I had a small injury from the exercise that flared up when driving for a week. I was having the most painful experience of my life.
Two weeks after being in a hotel in recovery, I headed home from Eugene, OR and drove the coast to California. A very beautiful experience Once I got home, I started to heal and I did not expect to have fallen for all the things I had been working on. The loss of someone I adored and my income, A key was thrown to my radios.
The problem was not what happened to me. The problem was not how I reacted to what happened because I feel that I handled it well. The problem was that I was happy and healthy as always, but I could not see the signs of depression I was in. This happy depression made me spend more money, dating a girl a couple of months later, that was not good for me at Todo and the whole experience helped me get into debt. I was smoking more and drinking, but nothing ridiculous. Only more than I was used to.
The importance of my story that I want to share is that it is crucial to pay attention to anything that happens that is out of the ordinary. Not only when life throws a key, but also in everyday life. Happy people can fall and not know they are depressed. At least when you're sad, you know something is not right. Pay attention to how you react so you do not dig a deeper whole or do anything that is not best for you.

Video credits to Truth Together YouTube channel

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    Happy Depression

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