Great Depression Cooking – Egg Drop Soup

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Clara, a 91-year-old cook and great-grandmother, tells of her childhood during the Great Depression while preparing meals of the time. Learn to make simple but delicious dishes while listening to stories of the Depression.

In this episode, Clara makes Egg Drop Soup and recalls a story about her brother.

Clara's official website:

Video credits to Great Depression Cooking YouTube channel

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    Great Depression Cooking – Egg Drop Soup

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    1. I’m surprised no one is commenting on the story she told about her brother pranking her by putting a garden snake in an envelope with her name on it and putting it in the mailbox, and it scared her so badly. I thought that was hilarious!

    2. Its June 2018 and I'm in love with Clara's videos. RIP beautiful lady! I aim to be a grandma like you one day

    3. She really makes me miss both my grandparents. They had lived through the depression and had many experiences to share

    4. Thank you Clara for sharing your recipes and stories!
      You were so right…. people WERE much happier with less than all people in this crazy spoiled world.
      Rest In Peace lovely lady

    5. Clara, my dear, you are truly a national treasure! Watching you and the love in the care you put into your dishes makes me miss my grandma so much! I've watched three or four of your videos, some say that you are 91, while others say you are 93. I even ran across one telling us that you were 98 years old. In any case, you are truly amazing!!!


    7. This looks good. When I make it I'll do it in a large skillet and then at the end drop a few extra whole eggs in and poach them in the soup. That'll be good on toast!

    8. Great videos! I've gotten a lot of really good ideas on making inexpensive meals from fresh ingredients. Thank you Clara for your knowledge. RIP

    9. oh wow, i always thought egg drop soup was an asian thing, so glad to see that it has been made in the west too =)

    10. I could sit and listen to these wonderful lady all day long, what a sweetheart! Clara is a great teacher. Anyone would be lucky to have her in their family.

    11. This is the same kind of food my grandma used to cook for me when I was a kid. She wasn't a great cook, but her soft-boiled eggs on toast was really delicious.

    12. Another really cheap meal that I grew up eating:

      1/2 pound of egg noodles
      1 small green onion or 1/4 of a regular onion
      1 can of chili, with or without meat, however spicy you want.
      1/4 teaspoon minced garlic

      Cook the noodles, drain them, and leave in the strainer. Use the pot to heat the chili, garlic, and onion (minced) for about 5 minutes or until the chili is hot. Add the drained noodles, season to taste with salt and pepper and eat. I usually top it with a little parmesan cheese

    13. I'm going to agree with everyone on how awesome this is.
      It may be depression cooking, but it is certainly great for college students!

    14. Wonderful! I love her spirit. A fine story teller. Love that this important bit of human history is being recounted by a real person.

    15. I love your videos. And, I think it's great that you are making these videos. Good job!!! You remind me of my Grandma, too. So, that's another reason why I think I love you and your videos. God Bless! And, have a good day! (:

    16. You can tell she has a great sense of humor you changed me in 5:00 min. Thxs and I'm gonna make this 🙂

    17. I absolutely Love this series, Thank you GG (what i called my great grandmother) Clara, Your recipes are magnificent. Simple to make, Simple Ingredients, anything but simple Taste.

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