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00:58:02 Big buildings of empty brick factories, missing windows, sold. Men getting sandwiches on the sidewalk. High angle, multitude of men filling the Plaza Unon; MS man standing in the speakers; Men outside the Claremont Employment Agency looking at job ads. Geneva sign employment agencies; The men on the sidewalk at the signals. Men sitting in the brick office building. Men sleeping on grass in the park. Man in the soap box talking to a group of men. The policemen put the men in the police van (Washington DC Bonus Army Marchers (?).
00:58:56 President Roosevelt on the podium during the opening speech. Sitting at the desk talking. MOS
00:59:21 Men sleeping in the grass. Bill of the Congress of the UC for the CCC agency; Holder re going through house, to go to the Senate. Holders for the Reforestation Plan.
00:59:44 UC Secretary of the Interior, Harold Ickes, at the desk talking on the phone, MOS.
00:59:48 Men lined up in front of the United States Armory to join the Civil Conservation Corps, boarding trucks, soldiers serving coffee and sandwiches.
01:00:32 Ickes on the map pointing places. Volunteers leaving on buses, waving. Arriving by train, buses to the city tent. Men outside the train, receiving papers; I went to the big tent, paperwork, questions. Receiving clutter kit. Medical inspection; waiting. MCU standing next to the store. Outside dispatch office with suitcases. Swearing in.
01:02:35 Call us and walk to the barracks, eating at communal tables from the tin paper kits. Army officer giving bedding; measurement feet. Marching, entering building, clothes taken. Leave with full canvas bags. Make the beds. MCU man with hat in front of the store; others pose smiling, some take off their hats. GOOD.
01:04:34 Going with shovels; Excavation, raking, dirt on wheels.
01:04:53 Next to the passenger train, waving. Passenger train through the dry desert, passing field POV; Boys / men off the train, march to trucks. Trucks in convoy by city.
01:05:28 Ha from the tent camp with CCC members building wooden barracks. LS tent camp; barracks; Workers away behind truck. Tents under the rocks ?? The men deliver the stove and the table. Working in Yellowstone because of falls. Old and faithful geyser erupting.
01:07:16 FDR arriving at the caravan, beyond the aligned members of CCC. FDR speaking from the MOS chair.
Depression; Economic Sciences; 1930s; 1934; 1935; Western History of the United States; American CCC; New agreement;
NOTE: Sound not usable.

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    Great Depression – 221720-07 | Footage Farm Ltd

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