Gluten Exposure Can Cause Depression

Exposure to gluten can cause depression

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Did you know that exposure to gluten may actually be causing you to be depressed? In this video, Dr. Justin Marchegiani talks about the link between gluten sensitivity and depression. Many people are given an SSRI medication or another antipsychotic drug to treat the symptoms of depression and not the underlying cause. Gluten can create inflammation and decrease the flow of blood to the brain. When gluten is eliminated from the diet, the brain can get a better flow of blood and oxygen and depression tends to improve. If you want to help prevent depression by avoiding gluten, watch this video for more information.


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Video credits to Just In Health YouTube channel

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    Gluten Exposure Can Cause Depression

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    1. I haven't even watched the video yet, but I went gluten free two weeks ago, just a shot in the dark because I was feeling like total crap 24/7.and the amount of how much better I feel is astonishing! Like nite and day. I can get out of bed and not even require coffee. I can go to work with a smile on my face instead of a knot in my stomach!

    2. From what I've read in recent articles, NCGS (Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity) is a real 'thing' and those suffering from it are usually more prone to suffering from neurological disorders after consuming gluten than those with celiac disease. That would mean things like anxiety, depression, headaches etc.

      It gets more complicated however, and it's possible that's it not the gluten per se that's making people sick, but other elements in the wheat.

      Leave our food supply alone I say. I wish scientists would stop meddling with our food and understand a basic concept – our bodies are still stone age. We are not Guinea pigs for your GMOs.

      Time to investigate einkorn flour…

    3. i certainly can confirm this from personal experience. however, the big question now is if people can be cured from NCGS by optimizig or restoring the gut flora to an optimal state, either through pre/probiotics (e.g. SBOs + RS), or fecal transplantation. there are some that claim that they are no longer gluten senitive after restoring their flora and killing SIBO. any experience or studies on this?

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