Global Warming To Cause Permanent Great Depression (Times Two)

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"A working paper recently published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond concludes that global warming could significantly slow down economic growth in the United States.

Specifically, the increase in summer temperatures in the warmer states will slow economic growth. And the states with the highest summer temperatures are found in the south: Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas and Arizona. All of these states voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

This document is consistent with a study from Nature 2015 that found an optimum temperature range for economic activity. Economies thrive in regions with an average temperature of around 14 ° C (57 ° F). Developed countries such as the USA The United States, Japan and much of Europe are close to the ideal temperature, but continued global warming will push their climates away from the sweet spot and slow economic growth. The question is, how much? "*

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    Global Warming To Cause Permanent Great Depression (Times Two)

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    1. Fact: nuclear energy is the only proven alternative to fossil fuels.

      I like solar and wind but they are woefully insufficient at replacing fossil fuel plants. Abundant actinide fuels for all intents and purposes is renewable. Actinide fuels contains 2 million times more energy than chemical fuels. We, the left, have to take another look at nuclear power. Advanced PWRs/BWRs are sufficiently safe and ready now ( ). New generation IV Molten Salt Fast Reactors are under R&D now. New nuclear development from Moltex Energy, Elysium Industries, TerraPower’s are gaming changing designs slated to be competitive with fossil fuels. ( ) ( ) ( )

      There is hope. We just have re-evaluate our broader climate strategy.

    2. sounds like the solution is built in: lowered health and degraded environment will mean a lot less people. end of problem, and too bad about the many species we are taking w/ us on the way. new ones will come. and the people who live through this will be quite different too.

    3. Could a government just say to the Koch brothers, "If CO2 is kept within these limits in the next ten years, we will pay you x billion dollars", and see what happens?

    4. The problem with climate change is that humans are fundamentally irrational. Maybe it's still possible to avoid a global catastrophe, maybe not. It's completely random. The oceans are filled with plastic, but the population couldn't care less. We value a product that exists solely for us to throw in the trash, literally after we buy it, more than all the oceans in the planet. That's how far we've evolved.

    5. Face it Sam, climate change can't be fixed under Capitalism. Your little green tech isn't going to cut it and the problem is a hell of a lot worse than you are implying in your video.

    6. There is only one path forward to this and it’s obvious. Our government should invest in the research, development, and implement it as the government should. It shouldn’t be a vote. And incentives and regulations for businesses could be looked at. There is no quick fix. Government involvement should be there.
      But I agree China and India aren’t stopping. If it’s a 12 years away problem it’s to late but just the technology itself is better and the US should be helping it not actively being a saboteur. We are going to need to have this technology. And infrastructure to deal with rising sea levels. Fortifications will need to be built. Maybe that’s something that might interest Manhattan or New Orleans. Plans and ideas you know things the GOP don’t have.

    7. This person is fucking insane. Were talking about the potential end of the human race and he's fucking talking about profit loss.

    8. This guy does not understand what a depression is. You can't have a permanent depression. A depression is relative to the normal economic status. So a permanent depression would be the economic norm and therefore not a depression. Dumbass with a YouTube channel.

    9. Global warming will be addressed by individuals, just like everything important. In ten years I shifted from 4000 SF on half acre to 120 SF on 5 acre food forest. I have planted thousands of trees over 4 decades, from Alaska into Mexico. My tiny house is partially underground and has a moderate temperature in winter and summer, still haven't added insulation. In winter, I grow all my greens indoors. I have a 70 SF triangular greenhouse in process, so will grow tomatoes and such. My expenses are dropping so dramatically it is amazing. I had chickens, but ate them when they quit laying. I am looking for a heritage variety. I have wild rabbits, but need to get a domestic variety. Would love milk goats, but not the right land for them.
      I have started a root cellar, I hand dug it out, now have to build it out and cover.
      Only individuals can make the changes needed for massive change… and kill the woe is me conversation of deprivation.
      I am having an awesome life, living out my dreams, and approaching freedom from corporate goons. If we change, they have to follow.

    10. The Green parties are very successful in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg & the Netherlands right now and the next European Parliament election is in 6 months. More than likely the Greens will gain a few more seats and be able to wield more influence over EU politics.

      The Greens in Germany seem to be replacing the Social Democrats as the major center-left party and gained about 15% since the last federal elections in 2017. To some extent they benefited from the huge civic backlash against the far-right. The Green party is now within spitting distance of Germany's strongest party, Angela Merkel's center-right CDU. The next coalition government will probably be formed between the CDU/CSU & the Greens.

      The far-right AfD is stable at 13-16% since last year and will be put under surveillance by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution soon because fascists tend to be extremely dangerous to democracies. Nevertheless, Merkel's rivals within the party plan to move the CDU more to the right in order to win voters back from the far-right. The Greens can then swoop up even more moderate conservatives & centrists. A Green chancellor would be bad news for the car lobby, the coal lobby, the agricultural lobby and the arms lobby, but great for mankind as a whole.

      German Green Wave! Maybe… 🙂

    11. It's much easier to blame the masses for inaction than to work out a mode of action that would bring about the desired changes effectively.

    12. I’m sorry to inform you but white people are 100% responsible for everything we see going on today .
      Not just Iraq but also Venezuela, the Middle East , China , Japan , African wars . All you you you. And you can’t avoid the guilt no matter how you try to use those whataboutisum tactic from the Soviet Union . It all lands on you all.

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