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The girl behind the mask

The girl behind the mask does not understand that beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder, and no matter how many times she has said it, she still trusts the opinions of people who do not realize, that what they see as timid is in fact the feeling of loneliness, they feel that what they do is not good enough, the feeling of constantly disappointing the closest people who just want to see her happy. But instead they have to observe the deterioration and they can not do anything, they can not do anything but wait and pray that one day the Girl Behind the Mask can finally say, with content and honesty for herself … I am happy. I can put these feelings of lack of self-esteem on the shelf and continue to live and build my life and repair myself from the past, and finally I can tell myself that in the end, I have achieved it. I have overcome the demons inside my soul, the demons that did nothing but make my thoughts and my life go cold. Those who made me contemplate my life, my confidence, my existence and my future, made me feel hurt that can not be fixed with a surgical suture. The ones that made me panic when I even left my room as if the world were going to catch me as if my day would soon come. When I can not take it anymore, the burden of depression has left me in too much pain, there is no other option, in any other way, it is the moment … the moment to give my life. The girl behind the mask does not see, that her strength shines much more, you see, the girl behind the mask does not know what she is capable of, it is as if she were blind to how happy she makes everyone, she puts a smile in the face of a person who feels depressed, is blind to the fact that he can turn a sad day and make people smile from ear to ear, but when he takes off his mask, he is full of fear, afraid of what that the next day will be for her, as if she were waiting for her sentence and there are only rumors about her. The Girl Behind the Mask is the definition of beauty, the meaning of strength, she needs to know that it is the duty of all those who care to help in the struggle, make her understand that her life is her life, understand that there is no nothing to be afraid of, she has family and friends who will show the depression they are made of. The girl behind the mask needs to raise her head and open her eyes and realize that she will never be alone and as much as she can feel it, the pain she is feeling now … happiness will heal her. Then be strong and proud of the person you are, because with strength and power the end of these feelings is not far away. And you can smile, sing, dance and live the life that has deprived you, the life you have not felt, the life you have lived contemplating an overdose or a belt. The life you've lived where you eat becomes a living hell, the life you've lived where everything goes wrong, but I promise that someday you can sing the song of courage and courage, and you'll be free of emotions mental anxiety pain Now, Girl behind the mask, listen to these words, for yourself you should ask, why do I let this take over and look in the mirror and witness your beauty, and as hard as it seems you need to smile, it's your duty. And then see your pain as an emotional journey, a bumpy ride, but as long as it seems, remember that there will undoubtedly be a destination waiting for you where you can be happy at last, but please be strong, Girl Behind the Mask.

Video credits to Iwan Bedford YouTube channel

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    Girl Behind the Mask || Spoken Word

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    1. This is literally me.. I haven't found that happiness yet..😶 I pretend I'm happy and fine😄 but I'm not. I don't know how to help myself i have always seen myself as ugly.

    2. Having been Hidding behind too many masks my intire life this poem has a lot of meaning in it for me.

    3. I am the girl behind the mask. I don’t want to be but the mask is glued on. With hate with lies. I hate it.

    4. Oof
      My mask is sealed shut
      Nobody knows how sad I feel.
      But I don't need to show it, I have other things to worry about ✨☺

    5. This video is amazing. When I listen, I imagine your talking to me, for I am the girl behind the mask you clearly can see. This how I feel, this is what I do. You bring hope, and love that feels my heart. And reminds me that I am not alone, and I have nothing to fear. And reminds me why I am still here. Stuff like this, fills my heart. Reminds me not to hide my depression, not to try to kill myself again, and not to keep how I am feeling inside.

    6. this is exactly what i needed today when i was wearing my mask…. thank you so much for making this song

    7. I have S.A.D and ASD. Thank you for this video. It gives me a lot to think about, because usually more than half of my day is daydreaming… ideas after ideas, because of my mild ASD. I don’t know what it’s like to think like anyone else. I don’t know how to do things the same way everyone else does. I will listen to this everyday, (or try) thank you for making this.

    8. They Give You Pills Cuz They Think Your A Mistake But Your Not Your A Blessing And They Just Don’t Know It Yet

    9. i match that on a day to day basis from the time i could walk and talk my mask was all that got me through the pain and sorrow then i met a wonderful guy trough god and he reminds me everyday how much im loved as well as important……. cause we all are!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. I'm crying right now….. This is so true…I really need this…omg….I can't believe how much this makes me get the feels

    11. I hide behind a mask of a smile.
      I don't see my real self,
      My true,
      Sad self.
      I hide behind a mask to avoid any kind of confrontation or agony.
      I hide behind a mask to seem happy.
      In reality,
      behind the mask,
      I'm hopeless.

    12. This explains who I am. This makes me feel like I am loved. Thank you for putting this on here. I'm crying because I feel like I'm loved.

    13. This helped me so much. Thank you for putting this out there. It literally saved my life.

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