Free Time Triggers Depression/Anxiety?

I feel like I can not win … I'm anxious when I'm busy and depressed and anxious when I have free time. I'm bored as hell but I can not force myself to do the things I have to do, or even want to do.

I would like to make a video of questions and answers. If you have any questions you would like to answer about being genderqueer / androgyne, or about depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder or emotional abuse of parents (maybe, depending on whether you could pass the video without crying) )), Comment below!

Video credits to AnxiousAndrogyne YouTube channel

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    Free Time Triggers Depression/Anxiety?

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    1. For me, I constantly feel like I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, I often experience fatigue/brain fog/impairment which prevents me from doing the things I need to do and being the person I know I am (I know you may not be able to relate to this per say). This in particular has made working very mentally taxing on me. On the other hand, when I do have free time and am not experiencing these ailments, I often experience anxiety and significant amounts of stress, which also keeps me from doing the things I need to do and wastes the time I need to use to overcome my issues. Because of this, I never feel I am able to make progress in life.

    2. well, i have this problem. i had crazy deprsion and anixity last year and the year before that. one reason was that i felt ussles when i coulent handle school because of the pressure it gave me. so i drooped out. then i got huge anixity over that i had nothing to do and went in to a big depression. it was a nightmare. i was having mode swings, suicide thoughts. im am right now trying to get a job so that i won't fall back to that place again. im already starting to feel the anixity coming back.

    3. Sometimes I worry that things of mine are somehow in a precarious position and could fall and break. So I have a weird nightly ritual before bed of checking everything to make sure it's in a safe spot. I even built a "fort" around some of my things comprised of heavier objects as an added precaution.

    4. It's that horrible can't win feeling. I hate it so much. Lots of times I don't have the time to do stuff like work out (which I actually enjoy) and then when I finally have some time to lift weights I half the time don't even want to do it. Even stuff like music is this way. From December 2010 through March 2013 I probably made 250+ songs. Since April 2013 I made one song…in early April.

    5. I have depression, OCD and anxiety and when I am on my own or doing nothing It does get worse, I don't know if this is anything to do with anxiety but If I get a pain or anything I tend to freak out that there is something majorly wrong, I don't know if you get the same thing.

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