Free audio – I’m not okay

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    Free audio – I’m not okay

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    1. Can't all of us just talk about our problems together because I believe we all know what we are going through and I will tell you that I been depressed and have anxiety and I have to take pills for it, I have voices in my head and they always say "just give up and end it all". My step-dad made my life a living hell I wanted to die and I know your story is different from mine but can't we all just sit down and,talk about all of our problems together?

    2. This is me too…. I've been "silently" struggling with my depression for 6 years…. it's hard to explain to other people what it feels like when you yourself don't truly understanding what's going on in your own mind…..

    3. Same here are not alone ..everything suck in my life too ..everything ..and I don't know is that what we called "depression" cuz it's a strange emotion ..when you are happy all the day but at night you can't even know what changed just tired body with some tears in your eyes ..and ..that's it ..u felt like u are alone and nobody besides you ..all alone ..all you re doing is pretending the happiness in front of your family/friends and no one notice that you re suffering struggling one notice your one ..and the only solution is come back to your dark bedroom and sleep all day wishing you can forget your pain

    4. I just finished crying because I feel so ugly. I know it's nothing compared to other people's problems but my brain makes it so big of a problem. I'm so scared of going out of the house without any makeup on because people will think I'm uglier without it.

      I was okay today. I didn't feel anything or experienced anything to be sad about but when I laid down on my bed, I thought about a memory of me looking at the mirror and comparing myself to those who passed by me. I look so bad compared to them. I don't have a nice body. I look disgusting. When I thought about that, I just cried. Nothing even happened I just cried like the fat little bitch that I am. I always cry about it. I always do this and sometimes i feel so embarrassed because I'm sure my friends are tired of my shit already I don't wanna burden them anymore. Fuck I hate this. I hate myself. I wish I didn't have feelings anymore. I'm such a burden

    5. this is me right now. i don’t know what if exactly feeling but i just don’t like it i’ve always been like the happy kid, but it’s not the case rn

    6. "Im fine… Aside from the not sleeping… The jumpiness… And the overwhelming, crushing fear something terrible is about to happen." I've never been able to relate to something so much other than this quote.

    7. you aint alone bc I feel like that everyday day I hate myself like how I feel how I look I wish I can juss disappear and that but ok if I do I'll hurt people but I juss wanted you to know that I feel the same way and I can't stop it I juss feel like I'm disappointing everyone

    8. This is exactly how I feel everytime. Weeks ago, i were so happy, confidence, cheerful, but now I just feel sad, like nothing happened to me, but I just feel sad. I've crying all the time. Most of the time. I cry myself to sleep. Waken up crying. I'm just not okay.

    9. It's been 2 months like this. I don't know what to do I feel like shit everyday and I don't know why. Nothing has happend to me either. Just really down and at my breaking point where I feel so useless. It scares me special at night because no one sees me and feels like even if I screamed no one would care or hear me.

    10. This is how I feel every day but I'll act happy and narmol around my Friends and family I try to talk to my mum but she doesn't listen to me anymore I'm starting to self harm again I don't won't to but these this feeling that J's tells me to do it so I do and no you don't sound crazy couse if you sound crazy I must sound crazy to💔😭💔😭

    11. It doesn't scare me that this is reality. But it scares me that I can relate to every word.

    12. This video explains everything i feel all the time. I think i feel dead n numb N IT JUST SUCKS

    13. I feel the same way you do.
      Its hard to explain to people that your not okay..becuase if your family or friends if they aren't feeling the same way as you they just won't get it..

    14. thank you, so much, for showing me that I'm not alone or the only person going through this.

    15. Been through all those time made me both invulnerable and vulnerable. I scares of every relationships that I have will be ended up someday. I understand everything will leave so I aint fall hard for anyone I’m not interested, they’re not even interested in me. So I aint hurt neither loved… Feel so lonely. Nothing has changed but worsened

    16. i have cried out of nowhere with nothing on my mind and it just makes me sad and i dont know why

    17. I had to do a talk in school about my depression and anxiety, it hurt that I was forced cause it was the day I was my lowest so I was crying and I felt pressure for saying how I felt and what its like. It's sad as well cause the next day I got notes from students saying that am an idiot or an attention seeking whore.

    18. im so fu***ing young and i can relate to everything that this woman is saying.

    19. I want to hide from this world just this and…. I don't know… it's just the same feeling like you said… I can't stop myself from crying.

    20. Every 50 seconds more or less a suicide person dies. One of these days it's gonna be my turn. I'm waiting in line.

    21. Oh my God! That's how i feel too and rn I just wanna kill myself. I'm done 😭 I'm depressed, sad, mad, broken……….. I wish i hadn't been born 😞 i hate my self and I hate this world, i hate my life.

    22. For 2 years I was finally okay, i struggled for so long and then finally 2 years ago I became okay, I wouldn't get super upset and depressed. But today idk what happened but I'm back, I'm back to the old me and idk what's going on. I feel so bad, I went so long I really thought I was okay. I thought it was over but it's back and I really don't know what to do.

    23. How do you tell someone? I have tried everything, but nothing helps. I have been feeling only three constant emotions for six years: sadness, fear, and numbness. I dont know what to do anymore. My family says that I am crazy or hormonal or just not thinking straight. But I know I am not okay…because I wear a mask and walls, and put a fake smile, a fake personality up. I know i need to talk to someone, but I physically can't. I don't know how to anymore. I can't continue to hide it, but I can't get myself to say anything. I know that it is risky putting this on the internet, but I need to talk to someone, anyone…so yeah…sorry for blowing up this comment and for bothering everyone…I just figured it was worth a shot…so yeah…

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