Finally talking about it… Anxiety and Depression| MY STORY

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    Finally talking about it… Anxiety and Depression| MY STORY

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    1. I know how it feels to grieve I lost my mom in 2016 before Christmas even though it's been a good year or two it still gets me sometimes and it took me till the beginning of this year to really start picking myself up off the ground so I can relate I'm so happy you are in a happy spot in your life i love your channel and greyson and will always support you!

    2. When ppl have cancer, not only does the chemo suck for the patient as well as the family, steroids really change a person and that’s what they put cancer people on too 😐.

    3. I’ve struggled with OCD and anxiety for years, but never opened up about it until recently. I understand not wanting to burden people with your mental health. When I have told people, their reactions sometimes make me feel like they don’t care at all. These feelings have escalated to feeling like i could disappear and nobody would care and thoughts of self harm. Hearing your story and knowing that someone i look up to so much has felt similar things helps ❤️❤️

    4. You are such an inspiration to a lot of people you are helping people open up and tell someone how they’re struggling with life xx

    5. Thank you for sharing such a touchy and private story about your life I’m so sorry for everything that’s happened to you I love you loads and I want you to know I’m here for you and can’t wait to watch you and your family grow xxx ❤️❤️

    6. Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are so strong! You made it through so much through high school and I’m very happy for you! This makes me want to share my story!

    7. My uncle died in 2013 because he had AML (acute mile leukemia) he was 29 and he was kinda like a dad to me because my dad was never there he also went through cemo and it made his hair fall out.

    8. I felt every word you said.. I went through a lot in high school and I always felt alone. I'm 23, married and have a toddler and newborn twins and life is amazing. But I do still carry those things with me.

    9. When I had depression, I stumbled upon your channel. You made me happy, and I watched what ever videos you posted. You helped me through it, even though I don't know you in person. I kept it all inside of me, until the point where, i just wanted to not live, but you helped and I thank you very much, in a comment, on YouTube, I love you,

    10. I've really struggled with self harm, anxiety, derealization, and depression for the past 2 years. I am currently in therapy. It is nice to know you are not alone but it is heartbreaking to know you are struggling with the same things.. We are all in this together!

    11. Thats crazy that u have been through so much!!! I think I need 2 start e-mailing you to get advice sometimes!!!! And yes please do story times about how u brought baby Gray to school

    12. Awwww bless you, i feel for you. It got me emotional cos i can relate, i had bullying all through school and i didnt want to go to school and i know what its like to lose a close family member aswell. Your amazing alex dont let anyone else tell you other whise xxx

    13. I relate to all of this, except it wasn't my uncle, and I wasn't a freshman.. it was my mom, and I was a junior. 💔💙 you're so strong.

    14. I really love your personality. So strong, caring, smart – just amazing 👑 greetzz from germany

    15. Girl its okay to show ppl this side of you…im feeling some shit now because im 18 (19 in december) but i have a baby and he is almost 7 months and i just found out yesterday that im pregnant with my second baby and i am thinking about hiding it from every one…i dont know how im going to do this…i just feel like im alone bc i have no one to talk to it about…i did talk to my bf but he blamed it all on me a littel

    16. Grief is the worst. My mum died suddenly and it hurts me every day. I am always here for you, love you xx

    17. Thank you so much for sharing your story.. it honestly helps so many people. as a teen going through a lot of depression and anxiety this really helped me, I now know that things will get better and that I’m not alone in this world and I’ll be okay. Thank you ❤️

    18. I was bullied for much of elementary school and lost my best friend in 2nd grade. I have separation anxiety and spent half the day in the counselors office. I was different and no one liked that. I was put with a special teacher and was the least popular kid in school. Now I have friends but my self consciousness from then is still with me. Your story hit me hard and close to home. I love you and your family so much!

    19. I cried with you… Alex you are not alone I promise and I hope you do better now ❤️ we all love you so much and things get better even when it feels like it never will … You've become so do strong and you do awesome with being a mom ❤️ love you girl

    20. A year ago from today I lost my grandma from cancer I became very depressed but I refused to open up I have been bullied my whole life cuz I’m shy but it only made things worse finally I told my friends and they got me through the pain I’ll keep you uncle in my prayers ❤️

    21. Needed this today. I had my first panic attack in two months at work today. I feel like so much of my hard work to get better just swirled down the drain..

    22. This video has helped me so much. You’ve done a great job with everything and you will always have all your supporters here for you ❤️

    23. Everything happens for a reason. Your mom should be very proud if who you are now and where are you standing at now

    24. girl I love you and your vids I have been watching you and your little family since day 1!! and I love how open you are about your situation in life very brave of you! I totally understand where your coming from I just recently lost my grandfather 6/30 of this year and its been extremely hard for me I always called him dad growing up him and my grandma helped my mom raise me I lived with them growing up he was the closest thing to a father ive ever known and he passed away so unexpectedly he was doing fine he just finished eating was laughing and joking with us then 20 mins later he was unresponsive he went into cardiac arrest and had no pulse for 30 mins by the time the paramedics got to him and got a pulse it was too late we had to be pull him off life support at 12am early that morning due to no brain activity on 6/30 and 15 mins later he passed away. That was my world my life and it just doesn't feel real I'm just taking it day by day some days are better then others the nighttime is when it hits me the hardest thank god I have my loving husband by my side each and every day to help me through the grieving process I was watching your vid of the tattoo you got for your grandma when she passed and I'm going to do the same for my grandfather I feel like it will help with my grieving process that away I will forever have a little piece of him with me wherever I go.

    25. GIRL. You got me over here in tears. Even after everything you've been through you're still a boss ass bitch. ❤️❤️❤️

    26. I tried to put off watching this because I thought it would be all too real right now but I realised you’re probably one of the only people who understand how I feel, my grandma was just like yours “my second mum” like I lived with her, forever. But a few weeks ago her cancer came out of remission literally everywhere and she was gone within a week, it’s kinda like nothing seems completely right right now. Just need to thank you Alex for giving me hope after watching you feel better, ps. You are my boyfriends “YouTube crush” ahahahahhah

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