Feeling Sad – By Mufti Menk (Full Length)

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    Feeling Sad – By Mufti Menk (Full Length)

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    1. May Allah bless Mufti Menk and all the slaves of Allah who spread ease and may Allah make us one of them. Ameen <3

    2. There has been vast problems among my family recently, and i have witnessed many hearts who is not merciful, it saddened me deeply but after watching this video which hit me like a reminder that this world is temporary and nothing lasts forever I feel lighter. Despite that i need your prayers regarding my family. May Allah make it easy for all of us.

      Jazak Allah Khair.

    3. I have been married for few mths with a guy who has 2 children (19/22 yo) from his prev marriage. We have been in a very long and sinful relationship prior. I am very regretful what happened in the past. The thing is i am just not sure if our marriage is meant to be because there is always the trust issue in our relationship. I feel that he is with me as a backup. He is very secretive of his hp and does not share on his family issues. His 2 children is staying with his ex-wife. I told him that he can meet his children anytime but i am just sceptical when he kept going to his old house where his children and ex-wife stay. Am i wrong to think of this? I have been battling on divorce thoughts because without trust, a marriage is just doomed to fail. How do we know when is enough? Jazakallah.

    4. Agreed with him until the hot water thing. We should never belittle people's troubles.

    5. Hallelujah when Christ in to ur vessel u Will smile at the storms when u have Christ u have everything god bless

    6. I cry a lot while offering Namaz. I don't know how should I stop crying. I am so depressed that I get emotional and I start crying. What should I do

    7. Today is the hardest day then ever I feel my soul feels empty I’m trying not to make my maker angry I keep reminding myself I’m better than that I’m Muslim ya shake

    8. anyone else struggling to get married. As a young beautiful woman it makes me sad. I get no proposals or anything. I don’t know what to do any revert brothers in the UK looking for a Muslim soulmate 🤷‍♀️ but Alhamdulilah for beautiful Islam?

    9. I m very happy to listen this bayan thanks… I pray that my child should become mufti like mufti menk….. Thanks you become a gift from Allah to change my dirty mind

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