February Wrap Up

Timestamps and content / activation warnings listed below.
As mentioned in the video, the activation warnings listed are based on my own memory and, therefore, if you are sensitive to activations, I would advise you to investigate before reading any of the books listed. Also, if I have not put any activation warning for a book, it does not necessarily mean there are none.

Paper girls and fire @ 00:56

– Sexual assault / rape
– Animal abuse

Saga, vol. 1 @ 04:07

– sex trafficking
– Pedophilia

The poet X @ 06:40

If Beale Street could talk @ 10:40

– Sexual aggression / rape

In flames @ 13:40

How long is it? Til Black Future Month? @ 15:14

Long way down @ 16:50

– Armed violence

Kindred @ 17:58

– slavery
– Sexual abuse

The purple color @ 21:30

– Sexual abuse
– Rape
– depression


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February Wrap Up

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing reading month! 😍😍 So many good books mentioned here! I absolutely ADORED Saga and glad you liked it. I think you'll love the rest of the series. It's a wild ride. πŸ˜… I also loved The Poet X as well! Just such an impactful read. That thing you mentioned that her mother did hurt me so freaking much as well. I was like crying during that whole scene. 😭

  2. I literally felt the same exact way about Girls of Paper and Fire; I was very happy with the ending until the very. last. page. I did noooot like that one bit at aaalll 😀😀

  3. I think I'm definitely going to have to get some of these books. I really enjoy your videos you're so easy to watch

  4. aaah i'm so sad i didn't get to The Color Purple in feb as i planned to but hopefully i can read it super soon!

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