Fasting And Mental Health: SHOULD YOU FAST with Anxiety and Depression

Fasting and Mental Health: SHOULD YOU QUICKLY be anxious and depressed?

Anxiety and depression can really hinder our quality of life and it can be difficult to find the right type of treatment to help improve our mood. But what is interesting is that it has been shown that fasting has beneficial effects for the brain and that it could potentially also act as a therapeutic technique among individuals suffering from certain mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety.

In this video I will talk about the effects of fasting on anxiety and depression. I will also review the research that is provided on fasting, anxiety and depression and how it can help improve our overall mood.

A recent study published in BMJ Open revealed that approximately 27% of the population could experience symptoms related to depression. Anxiety disorders also affect millions of people around the world. These are mental illnesses that can have a significant impact on a person's daily life, adversely affecting their physical and mental performance and leading to lower productivity.

While conventional treatment options, such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, are available, they are not always effective in treating everyone and can sometimes cause unpleasant side effects. Research now suggests that fasting can be a potentially effective mechanism to reduce symptoms associated with these mental conditions.

Several studies have shown that fasting can have beneficial effects on both physical and psychological health, which has led scientists to continue exploring how this feeding technique can help patients who have been diagnosed with conditions such as depression. and anxiety disorders.

One study explains that intermittent fasting techniques in the short term can help reduce depressive symptoms in patients effectively. The scientists who participated in the study suggest that there are multiple mechanisms of actions and pathways affected by fasting that could help elevate the patient's mood and improve a condition such as depression. These can include …

A study published in the Journal of Psychiatry Research explains that previous research found that fasting is highly effective in reducing symptoms …

The scientists explain that some studies found an improvement in sleep quality among people who underwent a fasting program. This could also suggest an improvement in the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Several studies have shown that problems related to sleep can cause the development of mental illness. In one study, scientists provide evidence showing that sleep disorders can also …

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Fasting And Mental Health: SHOULD YOU FAST with Anxiety and Depression

Comments 7

  1. Me personally,unfortunately fasting is not affecting my depression at all. I am a Christian and have fasted for many years for spiritual benefits. However, fasting has helped me control my type 2 diabetes. However,I am so glad people have found that fasting has helped them with there depression,anxiety etc..

  2. Love the video and topic! Shares like this help so many and make a difference to more than we know! Found inspiration here for my channel and vids! All the support and keep doing you!

  3. I enjoy fasting because my mind becomes " Bright " . There is total " clarity " in the relation between memory & intellect. When I review contracts with at least 60.000 words my mind is working at 99% of its speed. I am 63 years old and if I am fasting I can read a contract in 8 hours.
    Today I have had a glass of wine ,at lunch, and I cannot even write this post !! :-)))

  4. I agree on its benefits. Been on 18-6 and OMAD for the past 2 months. More into autophagy then weight loss. But, it seems the research behind it gives me greater impetus to continue. Science rocks!

  5. fasting connects me to my true inner spirit.. creativity & clarity through the roof. That is, with proper before and aftercare of the fast.

  6. I definitely feel more calm, more in control and coping better with stress during fast, which i do 18 hr everyday, 36 hr every week, 3 days monthly and 10 days quarterly.

  7. Yes! I was recently prescribed bupropion after I started taking it was when I started practicing extended fasts (5 days) and there was a huge decrease in my depression! But interestingly the greatest impact was when I started my refeed, my energy and happy mood was incredible but not in a manic way, just happy! It was nice!

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