Famous People With Serious Mental Disorders

10 actors and celebrities who had mental health problems
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Mental illness does not care about race, age, religion, level of education or income; It can affect anyone, even celebrities. Research shows that one in five Americans has a diagnosable mental illness. Many do not seek treatment for fear of rejection or discrimination, as the stigma surrounding mental illness is still intact and is strengthened.
But the stigma is slowing down, as more and more patients come to talk about their illnesses. Many celebrities who previously fought in silence have appeared. Coming from the mouths of the rich and famous, it seems that people are more inclined to listen to the heroes of their favorite movies and TV shows.

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    Famous People With Serious Mental Disorders

    Comments 44

    1. All actors literally pretend for a living…. this in and of itself should be indicators of mental illness

    2. Robin Williams was an intellect. Smart people are more likely to experience mental issues such as depression.

    3. there needs to be cheap programs for mental health. people with mental issues are extremely smart. imagine how much productive the work could be with them

    4. Omg! Actual humans who go through spiritual warfare, depression, anxiety; are vessels just as us average citizens are. Omg! However can this be!!?!!!

    5. I know plus one:Chris Evans he had(or maybe still has anxiety and maybe just maybe body dismorphia).

    6. Based on what happens to some of these people in Hollywood I wouldn't be surprised that they have tried to take their lives more than once or twice.

    7. I Wonder that the leave the poor pain behind. what if they have the some problems

    8. The media spins it as "mental disorders" but it is actually severe depression from being ashamed of what they had to do in exchange for their fame.

    9. People see we need more of this to help out people at one time I went to this Tai Chi help me out

    10. And these are the people who's unsolicited political advice we're supposed to listen to?!? Kind of makes you wonder about the rest of the people on their side of the aisle… hmmm….

    11. Celebrities are human beings too. Any human no matter what life brings them can have mental or emotional help issues

    12. Jim carey took to much lsd and smoked took much weed ,he also stated that the withdraw for alcohol was hard look it up

    13. Everyone I'm yelling at calls me a nut. I suppose there's a fifty percent chance they're right.

    14. Doesn’t Tyler Joseph have Schizophrenia, Depression, and anxiety??? (He is from twenty one pilots)

    15. If i had the money that some of these people earn i would fulfill one of my all time dreams, might seem simple to some people, but i don't care. I would buy a large area of land, 2 to 300 acres or more, and plant a forest from scratch: Ash, Oak, Scots Pine, Yew, Holly, Beech, Birch, Hawthorn, Willow, Horse Chestnut, Spanish Chestnut, Rowan, and have some clearings here and there with beautiful lush wildflower meadows and ponds and i would build myself a house there and wake up every day among peace and quiet and nature; and that's what we're all missing, a genuine human experience, which you will never ever find in a shopping mall.

    16. There are so many talents out there who are dealing with mental disorders. God love them. I just made an exercise video where we get moving and talk about another 10 celebs with bi-polar. Come visit when you can. Thanks! Thumbs up for you always!

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