Facebook Request | Short Film on Depression | TRIGGER WARNING! [HD]

TRIGGER WARNING: Content deals with Depression accounts and may be triggering for some people.

Facebook application – Short film about depression and social networks
Sypnosis: Parminder Singh is suicidal and suffers from extreme depression. A ray of hope lights up in him when he meets a beautiful girl on Facebook …

Sorry for the bad audio. I had to delete a part of the sound track due to a copyright notice.

Starring: Mandeep Singh Dhillon
Director / Director of Photography / Editor: SG
History: SG / Mandeep

Banner: RedStain production

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Video credits to RedStain Production YouTube channel

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    Facebook Request | Short Film on Depression | TRIGGER WARNING! [HD]

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    1. you know that feeling when you invite your friend to go out somewhere and they can’t go kmsss😫😫😭😭

    2. Poor guy that as why u never trust people from social media’s unless u know them in real life

    3. I tell u what I see , a tax scrounging immigrant who needs to get a fucking job 😤 # sorry not sorry

    4. I’m only 10 depressed, lost a lot of friends, lonely, feel lost inside, no one knows how I feel and it really hurts inside I love my family but I just wanna die

    5. Ok ok ok but y did u cut yourself then used it as a normal knife again without cleaning it I'm sorry beautiful film it just like why idk I'm sorry

    6. *eye starts to glitch out* ugh i thought that stoped *starts to melt*

    7. I feel like this all the time always thinking about sucided not even eating properly I just want to die wanna be dead for good I don't desvre to be alive desvre to be dead I am just a low life worthless human being had enough of my life don't want it

    8. Guys I wake up trying kill myself ! Will someone support me and subscribe cause my friend bullies me cause I have none!

    9. I’m over here thinking about why did he start cutting it with the same knife again tho, but then I was like.. oh..but poor guy

    10. I love how this is a older black guy with depression. And not a white teen girl. With depression

    11. If you’re suicidal I don’t recommend cutting your wrists. From what i’ve heard you can hurt your tendons and veins and make your hand go numb

    12. no one has commented about the scam artist, shown at the end with manly hands, begging for money from the next victim

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