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Exactly What to Say When He Pulls Away (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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  1. Hi Mathew, I use this to him but it turn out that he asked me back " I don't know how you feel this way? and I don’t understand where it’s come from?" why should I do next. I like him and I want him to more invested in me. aha I forget to tell u that we live in different country. and we only text , no call nothing and I always start to lead the conversation. he has only few text to me if he is the one text me first i.e. hey babe/darling , morning darlin/babe, how r u babe, how was your day, I miss u. sometime just miss u and now use new words .Love u. why should I do next with this guy?

  2. Hi Mathew . I really like your video . Your advice is really nice and taugh all women to have a confident and know their value

  3. what the fk should i say, my guy said he loves me too much that it made him sick and eat less and he wants to love me less and it didn't work 4 him so he want to have some distance please tell me what the fk should i reply

  4. What if the guy doesn't respond to this very text at all? Does it mean he is thinking it over? ☺

  5. I literally texted this word for word and he said "Yeah, I understand." …Now what?

  6. My bf has disappeared for two weeks now after he got mad at me, I made him realise he lied me, I never told him at that point what he lied about, he dropped me off the way to find my way back home, I wrote him message after two days, no reply, after another day or two, I called, no answer, I texted him sorry, no answer, after a week or so, I sent an apology email telling him sorry for what happened and letting him know what he lied me about. Am giving up, cos no human being deserves this kind of treatment from a fellow human, unless someone is perfect! Damn!!!

  7. Do you say the same thing to your husband who has taken space or is this just for dating?

  8. I just sent that to a lovely "player" guy who's been coming on and off the last 1,5 year, and his answer was "Aha. Ok". I believe I deserved a more decent answer.

  9. The reason I start to pull away is because she's pulling away. I think she's not interested.

  10. I became close to this awesome guy whom I knew for some time from work… He left and went abroad and was on holidays recently here. We started talking and meeting up late at night, just talking. He never did anything out of place or tried anything that would make me uncomfortable. I made the first step and kissed him 2 days before him leaving. on the eve of him leaving we met again and when i tried to talk to him about what would happen next, it became clear he did not believe in long distance because he was hurt before. So I asked him what he wanted today and he told me he did not believe in long distance relationships. So.. I sent him a msg like the one u advised here… its hard 🙁 :'(

  11. So I did it, and he first said he was fine with what I said but then told me he doesn’t understand why I even say that. I didn’t reply because I don’t know what to say besides what I said. And the wording is great, it’s how I feel I just didn’t know exactly how to express it.

  12. Everywhere u click, u tube, facebook, insta and all that lot there are only ways to show how to act and what to do to keep a man to the 'weaker sex' 😐😝😡☹☹do this ..don't do that…or he is gonna leave u. Woww! So tell him to f**k of and don't give a shhhhh ! We are not gonna live 3 or 4 lives so that we spend 1 thinking what to say or not to some prick who does not deserve 1 more second of our life! Thanks for ur videos Matthew because listening to them I decided that instead of me thinking what to say to keep him will make him think what to say to keep me! 😘😘 All the best! 🤗xxoxox

  13. Sent this to a guy and he hasn't messaged me back. He's been online (whatsapp) but hasn't "read" the message…. Guess it wasn't meant to be… let's see what happens if he ever gets back to me, but I'm at a point of wanting to be done.

  14. I tried this technique on my boyfriend of 3 years. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 weeks ago and had asked him to not give up on me. His response: why would I do that?
    Me: I don't know
    Him: don't worry about it.
    Me: ok
    Me: Not worried about it just asking you to not give up on me yet. Lately you seem to have lost interest and you have become preoccupied with your phone and Facebook.
    Him: What's your problem lately?
    Me: Docs say it's a side effect of no thyroid hormone. Got it now.
    What I really wanted to say was: Let me see, in the past month I've had my thyroid removed, diagnosed with cancer around my voice box, went through radiation treatment that I won't know worked for 6 months to a year.
    But I didn't. He no longer is spending his days and nights on Facebook and I've started getting text messages again.

  15. I said this exact thing a few months ago & he responded with a strange half-hearted excuse, then ghosted me a week later. So glad that I found out what he was like early on so I didn't spend any more time investing in something that wasn't going to work!

  16. he tells some girl she was wrong for saying "let me know when you free up.." She agrees it's her fault she got ghosted. This kind of fake guru dating coach says-Always something the female does to not get the precious man. This guy is selling snake oil

  17. Yeah I said exactly what you said and his response was okay where did that come from?

  18. what if he starts pulling away when you've been in a beautiful committed relationship for 3 years

  19. Sometimes it is not worth it to pursue a man. Maybe he is doing a woman a favor when he pulls away.

  20. Hi Mathew…. Thanks for your advice. I wrote exactly this text to a man who seems to be pulling away. But he send me just a good morning msg next day. I really don't know what to do now. Can you please advise me. I really like him and want him back.

  21. I tried this and he said "I respect your decision and I wish you the best for the future" …. Thanks a lot

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