Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong | Johann Hari

What really causes addiction, everything from cocaine to smartphones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen that our current methods fail at first hand, as he has seen loved ones struggle to manage their addictions. He began to wonder why we treat addicts the way we do, and if there could be a better way. As he shares this deeply personal talk, his questions took him around the world and unearthed some surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an ancestral problem.

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    Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong | Johann Hari

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    1. The dude is totally correct. But, the 12 step tradition has known this for nearly a hundred years. Hence why the basis of all 12 step programs are about talking to other people, connecting with them, and feeling supported. His critique of drug policy is totally spot on, but it's basically about adopting the principles of the 12 step programs in place of the punitive "war on drugs approach".

    2. I love Johann’s work, so important. He is also so articulate & I enjoy his presentation & voice.

    3. There is no such thing as epiphany for most addicts bc their addiction on a genetic as well as a metaphysical level is a determined choice. If you've ever been around a real addict who is honest, they'll tell you straight off 'I am bc I like it.' Period. The dual diagnosis and disease bullshit came from the medical/sike-iatric commty in order to sell therapies that fail, rehab and big pharma ssris. All failure. Unless a junkie is lucky enough to actually FEEL and GROW from spiritual epiphany, they're fucked. But now that we have narcon? to revive addicts, they can continue ruining their lives and the lives of others at will. But death should be a consequence of drug use no? Remember what I wrote below here on a post. Addiction was never a disease. Follow the money to see why. Aho.

    4. 'Addiction is NOT a disease. DIS-ease is the PRESENCE of some 'thing.' Addiction is the ABSENCE of everything.' Period.

    5. To those Americans asking below how its possible for addicts to go out to work or for families to be able to connect, we have this thing in the UK and most of Europe (certainly Portugal) called free substitute medication which is rolled out to everyone who wants it. It makes it possible for addicts to live a normal life and connect with others without going through withdrawal until they are strong enough further down the line.

    6. He doesn't understand addiction, it's causes or how to help. This is just Hallmark card fuzziness.

    7. Absolute crap. He doesn’t understand pharmacology. I assure you your grandma is not given heroin if she breaks her leg. Just because two compounds are similar doesn’t mean they have the same properties.

    8. We are not good at fighting for ourselves. But we are good at fighting for our leader. The problem is we do not have leaders we believe in and they are not in our lives. We are tribal people. Where is our tribal leader?

    9. So by your logic addiction doesn't exist? You're a fucking joke why are you even on that stage sharing a completely ridiculous opinion. By your logic if 2 different people were to have the same relationships and environment (I'll go once step further lets say since they were born) that they have not only a chance of that attributing to them becoming addicts you're saying that chance would be 100% is what you're arguing, again makes no sense.

    10. Rat Park is a flawed experiment that has never been successfully replicated. People have tried to replicate it and failed and the experiment has been around since 1980 thats over 30+ years without a single viable replication of the experiment. Scientific facts have to be able to be replicated in order to become scientific facts as this experiment cannot be replicated it can't be used as a bases for a factual argument, case dismised this is hogwash.

    11. Hes basically saying addicts really arent chemically dependent and thats not true. Ive been taking methadone 5 years and id rather shoot myself than feel that kinda physical pain. It also depends how much your on and for how long tho. There was a girl went 7 days without her methadome at my clinic and her family found her passed out in floor about to die cause she hadnt slept , ate anything, or couldnt drink anything. Ill be damned if ill let myself go thru that if i dont have too… Also if ppl arent really chemically dependent than wby do they throw up when they dont have it? Do they throw up cause they are depressed without it and dont have a job?

    12. There is also a biological mechanism to addiction. It’s not just a lack of connection, but also actually a disease.

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