euphoria | all the kids are depressed

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This show is my new obsession, I could literally talk about it for hours. I feel so connected with that. I love writing and all the complex stories of the program which is actually one of my favorite things about it. I love how all the characters seem really cliché at the beginning and later in the season, I discover that everyone has interesting personalities and different backgrounds, I just love the complexity of each character. Personally I love all the girls with the exception of Fezco and Jules's father. I couldn't care less about McKay or Nate to be completely honest. McKay was fine at first and then, when I learned more and more about his character, he became so annoying to me. Her story was meh, and the fact that she used Cassie just because she liked the way she made him feel but treated her like crap anyway, ugh I hate it. And Nate … is obviously a really abusive person, he is literally a psychopath, the way he manipulates everyone and always victimizes himself and how good it is not only in physical abuse but also in people's mental abuse and obviously He feels no remorse (we see it clearly with Tyler's entire story) but the difference between him and McKay is that he is at least an interesting character.

And my girls! Jules is my favorite, I think I can relate a lot with her. She is a really interesting character and Hunter is doing an amazing job playing her. Rue my babygirl, she is one of the most identifiable characters too, the way the program writes depression and how Zendaya interprets it, it seems so real. As a person who has depression and anxiety, I think the program really knows how to tell this story correctly and I am grateful for that. Cassie, my other baby, is so sweet and I just want to see her happy, she doesn't deserve anything that happened. I hope we see her overcome her abandonment problems or at least deal with that at some point. Kat, my dog, I love her, she is so honest and funny, and I really enjoyed her story and I'm glad she realized in the last episode that she can be a bad dog, but she also has feelings and is vulnerable, I hope we see her happy in her new relationship next season because she deserves it. Lexi is literally an angel, he will never do anything wrong EVER. She is so sweet and such a good friend of Rue. I really hope we see more of her next season. And last but not least, the baddest bitch of them all MADDY! I honestly love Maddy, I just hope she doesn't continue with Nate next season because she deserves better than that.

Either way
if you have not seen this program please do it !!

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euphoria | all the kids are depressed

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