EMF Causes Depression, 5G

CEM and health

Video credits to Matt Landman YouTube channel

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    EMF Causes Depression, 5G

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    1. Insomnia, so patients will now flock to their Dr's who are more than happy to prescribe the extremely addicting benzodiazepines, the most dangerous drug on this earth. A drugged addicted patient is worth their weight in gold to pharmaceutical companies.

    2. What if I’ve always had depression? I do have malaise too much. I also have ADHD. I do turn my phone to airplane mode at night. I sleeping better. Thank u so much for sharing this knowledge.

    3. Great video, this is something very important that we should all be making a much bigger fuss about! Matt, are you involved with the InPower Movement?

    4. They are stalking me with fake star drones and they are sending emf at me i believe. Loud sound to my head and pulsing pull to my brain while i sleep

    5. Dr Devra Davis is an active researcher in this field. She pointed out that certain type of pulses may be harmful. 
      YouTube: "The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" — Dr Devra Davis

      If this is true then the same technology may be useable to heal?

    6. PS. I have a friend living in Kelowna BC who posed a question about whether or not the EMF could have any relevance to the high level of overdose cases (deaths) from Fentanyl…I suspect the depression aspect is driving more to seek solace in drugs!

    7. Matt have You ever considered making a Flyer template People could print up to hand out?I know it is lazy and I should make My own but would be excellent
      and Yes I am constantly depressed/anxious/fearful/irritable here in this NYC wifi soup Hell…….

    8. Alarming! I've been researching shields for smart meters and Wi-Fi. Several friends and family complain about depression and other maladies. God help us!

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