Economic Indicators Show Clear Signs The Economy Is Slipping Into A Depression – Episode 1191a

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Report Date: 01.01.2017

The United States and the United Kingdom move forward with trade agreements. Americans spend more money than they earn for 9 consecutive months. Starbucks will hire 10,000 refugees in 5 years. The US automotive industry UU. It is in crisis, the bubble is about to burst. Citigroup is leaving the mortgage business. The latest economic indicators show that the economy is heading towards a depression. The assets of the ECB increase above 36% as the ECB continually buys corporate debt.

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Economic Indicators Show Clear Signs The Economy Is Slipping Into A Depression – Episode 1191a

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  1. and it's now 6/18/2019 and the indicators don't seem to have factored in what Trump had in mind and was able to accomplish in two years despite having to fight the house and lackluster senate on every issue plus deal with lame stream media and their ever present fake news and ultra biased ''reporting''

  2. a recession is when you get some unexpected days off… a depression is when you are always off work so you have no money with which to enjoy those days off.

  3. Look its like this – the people are taped-out, there is no money – with that the economy is one step from being dead – game over – they lent you all the money you can afford to pay back – folks, sell everything you have NOW, and run with what ever you left – their coming for your job, then your car, then your house – again sell everything you have and run!!!!!

  4. I could remember in the early stages of the housing crisis. There was freshly ejected middle class families living under the awnings of closed down stores. Then the banks realized it's actually better to have them live in the foreclosures until they had to move. At which point there was so many. A family could live in a home for maybe 2 years. This time around there might not be that type of arrangement. There could be more tent cities on this one.

  5. I've been listening to your show for 4 years now when man when is this shit going to finally happen!

  6. How has the world dealt with debt crisis historically? War. Big war. The best wars. I only like people that don't get captured. Losers.

  7. I compared my online sales of 1 product last night year over year from 2015 to 2017, focusing just on January of each year. It went like this 2015 – $2200, 2016 – $1,000, 2017 – $624 ….. if you were to put that on a graph, it would also match up with several other businesses that are not even related to mine


  9. It´s the END of the American Empire, no matter Starbucks hiring or not, Trump pushing or not pushing, Bannon, Goldman Sachs invading Trump administration, IT IS THE END, get your seats now, the time has come, and it´s not going to be pretty. Finally, what I preppered for 10 years is finally here. Now, hand me the popcorn, I´m sitting already!

  10. Have to drive on the washboard road till we can get to the highway……Reset by fall……once we default, we can start over to a new honest system….No more Fed!!!!

  11. I really thank you so much for your videos. Also the information you share is documented and reliable as I have done researched on platforms such as Bloomberg news. Much respect and appreciation Sir.

  12. The last 5 days trading action on the S & P 500, looks like a possible major island reversal if further weakness on greater volume catches the longs sleeping eh?

  13. when u don't have the cards u got a fold them. or trump it and take it all. empires take wat they want

  14. Bring auto prices down they are way to expensive. People's incomes for the most part don't keep up with rising auto prices.

  15. In month of March will President Donald John Trump smash the U.S. economy or raise the debt ceiling the wall he wants to build will cost 12 to 15 trillion dollars or the elites will smash the economy before he does one more month before a decision is made

  16. CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL!!! This is the overall agenda(21). Anything in-between is minor and mundane. Our lives in the hands of psychopaths telling us how to live is the utmost of concerns. What we're seeing already should wake people up…., not politics, the killing of civilians as collateral

  17. What percentage of "our" debt is "odious" ? Fraud renders everything it touches null and void. Usury is fraud.

  18. Will the refugees be checked out by a doctor so they don't have a disease and pass it on to a customer.

  19. Starbucks will never see another nickel from me. I'm going to get rid of my Starbucks app and start supporting the local cafes.

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