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The only external thing completely accepted by our body is human sperm. This is not an unknown fact. So, what is the need to join the cylinder (penile prosthesis-penile implant) in a sensitive part of the body like the penis to annoy the person?
Ask those who have had the "Penis Implant" to understand life after the implant. Simply browse the internet. You will find an endless list of people who are sorry to get rid of the cylinder after spending several thousand to surgically dissect their own penis to insert this artificial cylinder. It's a nuisance!
No one will have any complaints if you breathe your last breath into the bed of a five-star hospital with centralized air conditioning! But, what if this same incident happens in a government hospital? We will show our powers by damaging the properties of the hospital and physically attacking the doctor. We are not small anymore!
Homosexuality is not a disease!
Yes, homosexuality is never a disease because science could never discover any somatic reason for homosexuality. This means that the reason for the trend of homosexuality is never any bacteria or viruses or hormonal variations.
The real turn comes. Why then should pharmaceutical companies be interested in this research? They announced blindfolded "People, homosexuality is not a disease." The brilliant doctors, who are the blind supporters of pharmaceutical companies, reiterated this: dear friends, homosexuality is not a problem that deserves treatment. It is a good thing.
As if they expected to hear this, the modern thinkers who are the followers of Western culture underlined and jointly announced: "Homosexuality is our birthright." Hilary Clinton's charitable organization invested millions of dollars in third world nations in the name of human rights, but in reality to perpetuate homosexuality.
When we eliminate the influence (not the memory) of the incidents responsible for the homosexual behavior of the subconscious mind, one can get rid of homosexuality. But conventional psychology and psychiatry still consider homosexuality a major obstacle. The campaign of the pharmaceutical companies is another reason for this. If a doctor really tries, he can cure homosexuality without any medication because homosexuality is just a bad habit developed from previous experiences.
The basic basis of homosexuality lies in previous experiences at ages 14 to 15 when the growth of the subconscious mind is complete. These experiences are mainly related to childhood incidents where the child is emotionally separated from the father. The premature death of the father, the separation from the father, the hostility between the parents, the cruel father, a cold father devoid of personality, the degrading father, can be part of small incidents that lead to the weakening and, finally, to the erasure of the paternal figure of the child's mind. A child growing up in a similar environment will have a predominantly servile attitude. He will surrender to anyone. It may be at this moment that a homosexual approaches him. Naturally, since he is too weak to resist, he is enslaved to this habit.
Most of these children may have experienced more affection from their mothers. Then the image of the mother will be clearer in their minds.
You may also notice that many of the homosexuals are the youngest children in the family. They are more likely to face this bad fate.
Whats Next?
The only main reason for homosexuality is the influence of previous experiences. The influence of these incidents can be eradicated without using medications, shock or hypnotism or decoding advice with methodologies such as Brain Balance Therapy, Image Therapy and Memory Recovery Frequency Therapy, etc. This is not at all an issue that deserves too serious attention.
In many parts of Kerala (India), this more modern treatment is being carried out extensively.
Even in the case of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, the mind plays an important role. When we solve the influence (not the memory) of the sexual and non-sexual experiences with guilt using the most modern treatment of biological feedback level, these are no longer problematic problems.
So just relax and let the tensions go flying.
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    Drugless Shockless Treatment for Depression in India(Kerala) www.hrtsystem.com Dr.Titus P.Varghese

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