"DON'T GIVE UP" Gardening DELETE Anxiety & Depression from Your Life

This video is to inspire you not to abandon gardening, as it can help you overcome anxiety and depression.
Recently, I've seen some videos appear on this topic and it was the live program on the Learn to Grow channel, organized by Misilla that inspired me. It was this video that pushed me to share my story and reach out to others in need.
Gardening of all kinds is very therapeutic and can save us from a life of sadness and despair.
Come out, my friends, and grow some plants and immerse yourself in nature.
Just remember to connect with God while you are doing it, since he is really there to help you.
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Happy gardening
Marty Ware

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"DON'T GIVE UP" Gardening DELETE Anxiety & Depression from Your Life

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  1. I hope this video inspires gardeners and gardeners who have lost the drive to get outdoors and into the garden.
    Please share this video to pass out the word DON'T GIVE UP GARDENING!
    Love you all
    Marty Ware

  2. Solid advice brother! Gardening is my favorite therapy… you look half your age good for you!!!

  3. Gardening is the best therapy I have ever had. Went thru 30 years of alcohol abuse and am now free of it. I love watching the bees and dragonflies and flowers, herbs, and veggies. Love your upbeat inspirational videos, thank you! Also have you tried magnesium lotion for muscle soreness and pain? Really works for my family and friends and the best way to get magnesium is thru the skin. Potassium also helps with muscle cramps.

  4. Marty what an inspirational video I just loved it- my quick story is in 2015 I lost My Best Mate/ my Fishing Buddy & he was also my wonderful Brother in Law for 50yrs plus an amazing Surfer in his day.
    I sunk into such depression even my husband & families fabulous support could not help me- I cried every moment of the day & my business was suffering I called him "Clare" but his name was Clarrie I knew I had to do something & Clare, when he was diagnosed, made me get a tiny 4' x 3' raised garden bed & plant something, if he could see my vege garden in my backyard & the huge potting shed I have that is dedicated to him with a painted plaque he would smile so hard. Cheers Denise – Geebung

  5. When i first became a singlemum and i was going through some nasty court stuff i still planted a parsley and a couple of cabbages. I bought a piece of land with trees around and put a house on it and planted trees and heaps of vegies (still going through court) Eventually i had to move (couldnt handle my ex spying on me or asking my neighbours what i was doing) and i looked for a place to grow food (had to be a rental). That was happening since 2005 ( in fact while my ex was abusive i actually started growing food in the backyard he hated the mess) the last 2 yrs the court stuff has finished and i count my kids and I free. I ate crp food though. Im only now getting back into eating good food ( i ate all i produced but i needed cake). I dropped gluten (all wheat products actually) and my depression turned around overnight. I havent needed any medication this time around. Im also improving my mind in that im trying to understand the meaning of life. No biggy. One thing i have found out is that mother nature can get angry if you dont work with her. But she will also reward you. Its an area im doing a bit of study in. Rather than growing food into her natural areas im learning to keep within my boundaries. So that only growing food close to the house and planting trees and bushes and more natural things in natures area. It works for both of us. She brings in the birds and bees and i benefit with crops that do very well all on their own. Im moving in 3 weeks into a city so when i get going i will post on your facebook page. I got into vegie gardening because i saw a program on abc about this young couple in the snowy mountains who rescued brumbies but they built their own house. I looked at that and said hey if i had to to that could i provide for my family a roof over their heads and food on the table. The answer was no. So the fact that if i ever have to provide food for my family i could. It makes you feel in control when you can look at your food growing and say well we are going to be fine. Just that little lift helps a huge amount. I had four young children to feed and no money. In fact that attitude helped when the qld floods happened as we had food growing when we couldnt get out. So if you think it might never happen to you dont be fooled. Like i said mother nature can be cruel. Grow your food and take from the garden your harvest before you write your shopping list and work around that.

  6. Great video Marty. I have some friends that would benefit from your message. Do you mind if I share a link to it in my Natural Health facebook group?

  7. I remember you being very ill. I think you're an inspiration – to me and everyone who tunes in to your channel. Powerful stuff Marty. And you're so so right in what you say here my friend. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I was not able to watch the video earlie. Having now seen it I want to thank you for such a wonderful message. Every one needs to heaqr this as at times we all go through lows and a message like this can help you go through it. Thanks again Marty Gods blessing is on you.


  10. You’re very kind to make this video, I am so glad you were able to get back into your garden and continue with your videos. I have PTSD and as a result I’m agoraphobic however I managed to get outside the summer before last and made a lovely garden, we grew much of it from seed, it was wonderful. Last summer life went a bit wrong and I’ve been indoors ever since. This summer I am determined to get back out there, my husband and I are getting a new puppy and planning everything right now. Hearing your encouragement really helped me, thank you. x

  11. POWERFUL POWERFUL video – great inspiration for anyone facing all sorts of health issues.

    And yes, prayer does have a big impact in healing.

    I used to watch you under my old y/t channel name years ago then lost track of you.

    Must have been at the time when you suffered with this problem Marty.

    I'm so glad you have been healed and also glad that I found you and Karin again.

    God bless you guys always.

    Marty, I'd like to share a powerful prayer that I pray daily for God's protection – will post it in new comment.

  12. I suffer also. It is wonderful that you are sharing. Thank you for being honest. I feel when you share people listen. Kathleen Mary

  13. Words of wisdom brother most definitely especially hard in this day and age to keep it all going . I to use gardening as a release meditation and good workout seems to keep me healthy all the way around And I was having a down day and that made it bright again Have a wonderful day brother!!

  14. Marty thank you so much for sharing with us! I also know what it’s like to want to give up but choosing not to with the help of Jesus! Your testimony is a great encouragement!! God bless you…your sister in Christ…Kathy πŸ€—

  15. Thank you Marty! This is the inspiration I needed today. I'm going to go work in the garden now. I think getting my hands dirty will do me some good!

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