Does NoFap Help Cure Hairloss?

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This was my experience of regrowing my hair and fighting hair loss with the help of NoFap, try it and experience new hair growth and healthier hair by abstaining from PMO.

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    Does NoFap Help Cure Hairloss?

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    1. This video makes me feel sad bro. I am fapping almost everyday. I wanna try the nofap. But i am not sure about, if i do nofap will my hair loss really stop or will my hair regrowth ?

    2. I’m trying to do NoFap for my hair, but I literally feel like I’m on edge of orgasm all throughout the day. I want to save my hair, but also don’t want to feel like cumming all the time. Might just reduce it to once a week, let me know what you think!

    3. Guys, I didnt fap for more than a year when I was in a relationship and I was still losing hair around the temples!

    4. I am not counting days of Nofap just I forgot about doing Fap and hair is growing little bit but thin it is

    5. This is the first I've heard about 'nofap'
      …Ah man some of the comments here have got me crying laughing 😂 I'm gonna see if the other 'no fap' chanel comments sections are as funny as this lol lol

    6. You guys are going to struggle in the summer when these half naked girls are walking around and flirting.

    7. im 13 years old and im losing ALOT of hair each day! idk if it was because i masturbated to much or if i did something wrong to my hair. i just dont know how to stop my hair from falling off😢 and i used to have long thick soft curlyish hair and now i dont:(

    8. nofap is not the cure but it slow the balding process dramatically since ejaculation cause a big spike in dht and prolactin and both of these hormone are detrimental for the hair but only for the people who have the gene of dht sensitivity and from my own experience nofap grew my hair at the crown and side and made my existing hair thicker and fuller

    9. I would like to try this nofap challenge. I will update results in the next months !

    10. This is bullshit. what about all the men who masturbate (basically all men) who don't lose their hair?? There are lots of treatments that slow hair loss down, semen retention may be one of them, but if you are destined to lose your hair YOUR HAIR WILL FALL. There is no cure for baldness.

    11. I noticed substantial thinning of my hairline starting at 21 years old. I assumed this was just genetic and there was nothing I could do about it until I started No Fap. 6 months of my journey and my hairline and overall hair in general is thicker and healthier. In past pics my hairline was noticeably receding on the sides where as now you can't even tell.

    12. What is the best way to eliminated my hair loss embarrassment for good by using natural approaches? I read loads of great reviews on the internet about how RozefatrunMethod will help you cure your hair loss and regrow it safely. Has anyone tested out this hair loss home remedy?

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