Does Depression Cause Permanent Brain Damage?

In this video, author and mental health educator Douglas Bloch talks about the concern that many people have that their depression will permanently affect their cognitive function. Douglas uses his own experience and the experience of others to reassure viewers that when they leave their episode they will experience a complete restoration of their cognitive abilities. In other words, depression does not cause permanent brain damage.

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Video credits to Douglas Bloch YouTube channel

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    Does Depression Cause Permanent Brain Damage?

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    1. What about the researches that show that depressed people have decreased hippocampal volumes? Why I've gotten extremely worried is the recent research done in March of 2018, which has shown that neurogenesis is non-existent after you're 13, and is also quite low before that. The decrease in hippocampus' volume must mean the death of not just neuron connections, but neurons themselves, and with the recent findings, well, I'm not sure if it's even worth trying anymore. Having up to 10% of a vital region of your brain just disappear, actually noticing it thanks to the fact that I still remember what I was before depression struck me, is an immense painful mental burden to be carrying with myself on an everyday basis.

    2. I sure as hell haven't been the same since my depressive breakdown. I'm not depressed anymore, but deffinetly have some anxiety left. But what's worse is this constant state of brainfog and derealazation i've been left with. It hasn't lifted almost anything since my breakdown in 2016. So something's damaged for sure..

    3. Thank you for making me feel a lot revealed about my brain damage by depression and antidepressants.

    4. I like your jokes…they're very funny because they're so bad! But I love corny jokes. Helpful, and hopeful video as usual…thank you.

    5. Hey there Douglas, I'm an 18 year old guy, and I'm now currently not in school till april of next year because i want to focus on recovering from my severe depression and anxiety… For the mean time, I'm working part time, do you have any advice on how to completely cure my depression and anxiety? Like i have the remaining 8 months of no school work and assignments… So i really wanna focus on my recovery… Hope i get your reply soon 🙂

    6. Just wanted to add: there is a new study linking nitrates in processed meats like bacon (and some vegetables) to manic episodes. The research seems pretty solid as it ties into the larger theory that the bacterial biome in our gut is linked to mood and brain function.

    7. Hihi, how have you been? I'm doing great and I think that a good way to fight off depression is to find a passion. For me its farming and also herbalism. Today I made a cough syrup for someone for example. If you can't make yourself feel better, go and make others feel better. That will cheer me up and I think it will others.

    8. Have you heard of Sadhguru? Some of his ideas are way out there, but he throws in practical advice here and there along with jokes and humor.

    9. I have so mutch anxyety every morning that i dont whant to live today i feling like troing upp. I have bensodiasepins take them every Days it dont help it fels like i dont can tink clerly Whit this anxyety shod i go to the hospital?. I am so tired and have Pain in my body and hedaeks. Im ashem.

    10. Love your videos douglas. I was wandering. It seems like many of your issues with severe depression have been caused by medication? Or at least they contributed quite heavily? Does that not make you very angry?

      I was misdiagnosed with depression after suffering a concussion, i had some issues with low moods and anxiety but my issues were mainly physical. After being prescribed Lexapro and ativan I became severely depressed. I tapered off the lexapro after a month and now 12 months later I'm suffering severe withdrawals from ativan and the lexapro. I am experiencing a depression I am convinced wouldn't be possible without any medication. It frustrates me greatly because the problems I had before this were nothing compared to this!

    11. Fantastic video Douglas! That is a question that has no doubt been asked many times. It is super encouraging to understand that depression is, like a cold, just temporary. Thank you for another excellent video. Keep up the great work. You are helping so many people!

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