Do You Have Clinical Depression? (Major Depressive Disorder)

I would say that clinical depression or major depressive disorder is the worst disease in the world. In this video I analyze 9 signs of major depressive disorder, but I also describe why these 9 should NOT be weighted in the same way. If you have this ONE symptom (# 9), you should seek help immediately.

Major depressive disorder is an extremely serious disease, with which I live personally, so it is very important to consider our thoughts and behaviors as we struggle through the daily routine.

If you are watching this video for yourself, keep in mind that you have strength and power to overcome the most difficult moments of life. There are so many options to treat depression effectively that they will reveal light at the end of the tunnel for you. Keep my friend strong and it's still YOU.

The 9 signs of major depressive disorder:

* First we talk about the diagnostic criteria.

Signature 1. 3:29
Signature 2. 4:31
Signature 3. 4:54
Signature 4. 5:41
Signature 5. 5:49
Signature 6. 6:13
Signature 7. 6:49
Signature 8. 7:15
Signature 9. 7:54

Then we talk about why # 9 is the most important of all the signs and how ridiculous the diagnostic system for TDM can be.

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    Do You Have Clinical Depression? (Major Depressive Disorder)

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    1. This video isn't meant for a self diagnosis for depression but to give you enough knowledge to then recognize if you need to take that extra step and get help. Stay Strong Everyone!

    2. You come across really well, open and honest…also made me smile…Tuesday was night of the demons…at the doctors again tomorrow…i realise just how fucked up and out of control i am…anyway thanks for being you..
      Take care ..keep fighting…

      Strange that an urge so fucking strong and came out of nothing is trying its best to take me away from my beautiful daughter .
      What a twat this fucking entity is.

    3. SUMMARY:
      Depressed mood most of the day dearly every day
      Diminished interest or pleasure in activities previously enjoyed
      Significant weight loss or gain
      Insomnia (or over sleeping)
      Psychomotor agitation or retardation
      Fatigue/loss of energy
      Feeling worthless/helpless/guilty
      Can’t think or concentrate or indecisivness
      Recurrent thoughts of death/suicide

    4. I had it for 3
      It's never ever going away
      I don't care when people say "It will get better"
      It fucking won't
      So stop telling me that
      All I have left is hope and prayer
      I haven't given up on god and I don't think I ever will but
      It hurts my soul alot and I want it to stop

    5. Bro you seem so happy and grounded. You can’t be depressed?! Just joking. I am usually like that when I’m around people(to hide my insecurities) but when I’m not I just want to be dead.

    6. When I was younger I would get anxious, upset or depressed and I wouldn't get hungry. Now as an adult dealing with my anxiety I eat! When I'm depressed i don't. I'm anxious every other day of my life, depression it varies. Insomnia I hate insomnia!!!! The way my doctors and psychiatrist have handled it I never feel that they know what they're doing or how they diagnose me! They thought I was bipolar it sucks. To not know what is really wrong with you and to just want to be fixed.

    7. Hi am new to your channel i love your videos today marks 9 years my brother passed away he suffered from depression very bad he took his own life depression is a sickness for me its very scary my sister suffers from depression as will as my daughter i have told my daughter about u and the great information u give to every one out there thank u so much

    8. Hi, love your personality! I so agree on the food part. In my state of depression, I simply have no appetite. It’s like food becomes bland and uninteresting. I would say ‘observations made by others’ would not necessarily encompass random strangers but rather individuals such as family, friends, co-workers. Individuals with whom your likely to interact and engage with on a regular and consistent basis.

    9. You will read through a lot of fact concepts on this therapy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) which is also clear and understandable. After the healing process, I decided to volunteer at a shelter and I couldn’t be more happy than helping other people. Before I read it I felt as if I was in a bottomless hole with no exit. I never wished to go out and talk to individuals for years and been consuming antidepressants to cure depression.

    10. I have struggled with depression since my divorce 3 years ago. But fortunately I discovered the solution to my sickness which is “fetching kafon press” (Google it). My self-esteem went back after days of days of reading through your book.

    11. There are several days that I felt sad. That I am alone. I cried several times without knowing the reason why. I just felt sad. I even wanted to commit suicide. I am still suffering from that feeling up to now. I do still have several sleepless night.I feel like am always tired even if I have enough sleep, sometimes more than the hours I needed. A year ago I was diagnosed having anxiety but right now, I dont know what am I feeling. I feel like what I am feeling is non-sense, that I’m just overeacting or something, that I am not just contended with my life. I feel like my existence doesnt matter.( I know guys, my grammar isnt perfect. It is not my primary language. But I hope what am I writing here make sense.)

    12. Hi women from sweden. I have not felling good for yers anxyety/panicattaks for yers gad triad some medicin geting whors cant stand The sideefffects Tierd pain in my body and sid and hedecs from my anxyety, can ECT tretment help me, do you nog somewhan that get help from it? Bad inglich. Cute.

    13. Hi Scott. I discovered your channel a few days ago and my doctor diagnose me with general anxiety disorder with depression. thanks for the information 🙂

    14. So Ive been sitting here for the last 30min super emotional. I wish i knew how to blow this up i wish i knew how to make this the power house i honestly know it is. Please Please PLEASE! I beg each person here tonight or day who has #9 seek help in any way you can. In HS a boy i almost didnt even know other then the school news paper took his life one night. Like i said i dont know much about him. What makes this worth sharing is the sheer volume of people he effected and has no idea what he did. The pain in my school ripped into my soul so bad i almost had to go home. i felt every tear from every person in that school. By the 3rd class the weight was more then i could take and the teacher sent me away to get help down stairs. Its a pain i pray to never feel again. It was a great lesson to learn at a young age. I will confess it wasnt deep enough to not attempt myself. If not for an amazing man i in truth wouldnt be sharing this to anyone now. Its worth help!! Its worth your voice!!! Its worth trust!! I have a 3yr old who is my every heartbeat and if his dad never walked in on me how would never be here. I confess there are no words that will ever take the pain away. But i can tell you if you trust someone can help…then trust it ACTUALLY can and will get better. Please PLEASE put faith in yourself first and i hate how that goes unnoticed in mental health. Put faith in the small journey to start big change! May god keep these words with you as you move to a healthy you and life. Take care

    15. I agree that not everyone who experiences depression has a disorder. Some may even experience it for a long time, but as a symptom of something specific (loss of a loved one, hate their job, divorce, etc) and that is where counselling therapy should be utilized. I believe that doctors write prescriptions far too quickly for anti depressants and anti anxiety meds. And for those that have been a guinea pig for meds (trying to find one that works) you can attest that many of those meds make you feel worse. As well, I found that some made me rather apathetic, which cause me to be very unsuccessful in psychotherapy.

    16. friend I'm from Argentina please react to a band of the 90 .. this concert was in 2007.this is the song —Soda Stereo – Prófugos (Me Verás Volver Gira 2007)

    17. what the fuck is that annoying sound in the back round that keeps happening? why did you add that to the fucking video ill kill myself

    18. The observation of others bit could be more relevant for diagnosing children. Or perhaps in a very severe case (maybe comorbid with another disorder?) where the person may not want to communicate. Orrr.. I don't know if people with certain conditions that make it very hard to communicate 'normally' with others can still get depression? Or memory problems? If they can, then their low state would pretty much have to be observed by others..

    19. From my experience, observation of others means that you're not always self-aware and people close to you can point out your change of mood. Sometimes I don't even know that my 'lows' are not my normal state, so it's good to have someone help me realize it.

    20. I think that's the reason why to make a proper diagnosis is required the experience and discernment from a good professional… nevertheless this manual is not perfect, is a good guide (I think) to detect red flags and then make a deeper analysis of each specific case… hopefully, because taking it literally is too boxy.
      This remind me an old poem called "Reír llorando" (To Laugh since Crying), is really sad. It describes the story of a man who goes to a doctor and basically tells him he is depress, but in other words because is located in a time before this term exist. They call it "spleen." And the doctor start to question him about his life discovering that he have all the material things any can want but all his loved ones are dead. Desperate, because he can't prescribed anything to distract him from this "spleen" since he already have it and is not what he needs, the doctor recommend him to see Garrick, a great actor that makes everybody laugh and is the most funny from all England. The end of the conversation between them is very emotional because the patient explain that if that's the solution, he has not cure, because he is Garrick, then he begs the doctor to change the prescription. At the end of the poem there is a "moral" where the author reflects in how sometime people seem to show an emotion, but they are feeling the opposite inside. To laugh since crying or to cry with guffaw… Appearances mean nothing… 🙁

    21. Hey! Make a video reaction of music… Snarky Puppy, is a great band, so amazing, i want see you react to this :3 i love his music

    22. The guilt is a big one for me. I didn’t know why I felt guilty because I knew there was no reason to be. But I still felt it.

    23. I have had most of them for a long time. I don't know where my baseline is now anymore. I agree that number 9 is the worst one. I am glad that I reached out to my psychologist during the nastiest time of my life.

    24. how do i tell my parents that my depression is not only certainly present, but also really affecting every aspect of my life? it has been for years, since around middle school or perhaps earlier, and they are totally ready to help when i say i have anxiety or learning issues, but not depression? they always react by saying something along the lines of 'no you're fine. you're just sad.' but i've thought about, obsessed over, and/or even considered death every day for a looong time. what can i possibly do?

    25. Im in a depressed episode again right now and my happy period lasted 3 months. Its crazy happiness. I wanna jump and sing al the time.

    26. wish I saw that video 5 years ago when I didn't think about seeking help and was straight going for number 9. I'm really glad that it's out there now, hopefully more people will see this

    27. Well I haven't had any traumatic experiences recently. But all those except 3rd symptom I battle everyday,including irritability, I've already finished my sleeping pill prescription for the month. I admit I've been using sleeping pills during the day to escape my day. Cause my mind is so foggy. Exams are around the corner and I couldn't concentrate for the past 2 months. I managed to qualify for my exams though mostly in a 60% average… No matter how hard I tried to study,I'd be overcome with a sensation of excessive pressure in my brain. Number 9 have been on my mind everyday since the month of February. But I for one am already diagnosed with treatment resistant clinical depression. I just wanted any tips for performing well in University when going through a major depressive episode. Hope anyone can shed some light.

    28. Awesome video man! I picked up a copy of the DSM for videos on my mental health channel as well. There's a ton of good information in there, and it's also interesting some of the debates people have over the diagnosis of certain disorders.

    29. I've turned up the volume a little bit and the windows are open.
      Now, because of that sounds effects, my neighbours think I'm farting.

    30. Not officially. I have a lot of other disorders that give me stress and make me skinny.
      Ive been subscribed for a long time but I dont know what I googled or when I subscribed. But I enjoy your videos and have notifications on (that says a lot).

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