Do Not Ignore These 5 Warning Signs Of Unhealthy Gut

Your bowel is the entire digestive tract that runs from the esophagus to the rectum. However, it does more than just eat food and excrete food. Experts refer to the intestine as the second brain. The microbes and nerves in the intestine can initiate communication with the brain, affecting everything from hunger to mood.
If your gut is healthy, it has an adequate balance of good and bad bacteria.
Here are 5 warning signs that you have an unhealthy bowel

1. Stress, anxiety and depression
The lining of your intestines is full of nerves that contain tissue similar to that of the brain. These nerves communicate with the brain.
Your intestines also release the same neurotransmitters that make you feel good and that are responsible for making you feel good. If your intestinal bacteria are in balance, you are more likely to feel mentally balanced as well.
2. Skin problems
Whether you have persistent acne, rosacea, eczema, dandruff or itching, scaly skin, even the most intense skin care routine may not solve the problem. That's because your skin problems can come from your gut.
Experts on the skin refer to an axis of the intestine and the skin of the brain that explains how intestinal health affects inflammation throughout the body, which in turn affects the skin.
3.Stubborn weight
If you have trouble losing weight no matter what you do, it may be due to an unhealthy bowel.
The bad news is that overweight or obese people have a different balance of intestinal bacteria than people who have a healthy weight. The balance of microbes you have from birth can set the stage for your weight throughout your life.
The good news is that as overweight people lose weight, their gut becomes more balanced. Taking a probiotic supplement has also been shown to help with weight loss.
4. Maximum infections
The yeast can grow out of control when your system is unbalanced. The imbalance in the intestine can appear as digestive problems, fungal infections of the skin, constant fatigue or even fibromyalgia. This can also cause a condition known as candida.

5. Lack of energy
If you find it difficult to get energy even when you have enough sleep, you may have an unhealthy bowel.
An unhealthy balance of bacteria in the intestine can prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients it needs from food, leaving you tired all the time.
An unhealthy intestine can also be permeable, which means that it lets toxins enter through the intestinal walls. These unhealthy chemicals can also affect your energy levels.
So, how can you build a healthy gut?

• Consume more probiotics: eat fermented foods or take probiotic supplements can help restore balance in the intestine.
• Drink apple cider vinegar: adding a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water can increase the amount of acid in your stomach, which helps your digestion function properly.
• Stay hydrated: water is necessary for almost all bodily functions, including maintaining a healthy gut.
• Eat less sugar: sugar is another culprit of feeding unhealthy bacteria. Eliminating it from your diet can help rebalance your gut microbiome.

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    Do Not Ignore These 5 Warning Signs Of Unhealthy Gut

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    1. Crazy talking lady: you get a unhealthy gut if you drink water or eat food.
      Me: how are we supposed to live you crazy lady.
      Crazy talking lady: you have to drink flippi'n coke and eat mentos for the rest of your life duh
      Me:😬😬😬what pfftghtfft whatever I can handle that 😵😵😵😵😵

    2. I was eating a lot of probiotics (mainly fermented veggies) and a raw vegan diet up till Christmas, then I started eating all the tempting sweet stuff that is around in the holidays, caguht flu and have been suffering fatigue since! However, a simple thing like eating sauerkraut in recent days has made SUCH a difference! I´m off to make more! Thanks for the reminder of how important a healthy gut is!

    3. Candidia sucks, had it when I was drinking. Intaking garlic, salt probiotics helped alot.

    4. Ooooh sht… I think I got an A+ 5 of 5….
      What about 💩 poop transplants from healthy people? Apparently that's what some people are doing :0 to reset and reboost their lousy bacteria…

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