Do I Take Antidepressants? Here’s the Truth…

I never told you if I still take antidepressants. If you followed me for a long time, you know that I took antidepressants when I was first diagnosed with a major depressive disorder and a generalized anxiety disorder in 2008.
I told the community that I left the medication, but I never gave the full story, whether I have ever taken it or not. The reason why I avoided talking about antidepressants (which I explain in the video) is because:
1. Let's imagine that I take them now. I did not want people to think that antidepressants are the only thing that helps and that all the other tips / strategies I talk about mean nothing and are not effective. Somehow, if I took them, it would mean that I am pro-pharmaceutical and I am definitely not going from one place to another.
2. The publicity that I do not take antidepressants may mean that I have not tried everything and that I was suffering unnecessarily. In this channel, I always talk about doing everything in our power to help us feel comfortable in our own skin and face the challenges of life. Always telling you that I do not take antidepressants may seem to be anti-pharmaceutical, and that is not the case either.

I've always been on the fence for a reason and I never told you otherwise if I took antidepressants. I hope you appreciate that I tell you the truth.

Avoid talking about the medications you are taking and do not discourage others if you are currently looking for solutions. You know, Paxil, Citalopram, Prozac, Wellbutrin: they all work differently and it does not make sense to play the game of comparison with those who suffer from different mental illnesses.

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    Do I Take Antidepressants? Here’s the Truth…

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    1. Thanks for watching everyone! Depression to Expression's purpose is to have an HONEST dialogue about mental health and full expression. Stay Strong. Keep Being YOU.

    2. for me meds dont work, the only one that works takes away only a few symptoms, i dont do nothing but sport and eat healthy and i try to enjoy life by staying present

    3. I've been on meds for about 20 years now and I don't think some of my siblings know about it. Over the years I have also heard so many negative things about taking medication. As if I had a choice … because I really don't. I'm still here dealing with life because of them, otherwise I don't think I would be here still.

    4. Best vídeo ever. I want to give you a big hug! Following you since 2016, i also had a relapse and here I am, on meds again and therapy. No shame at all. What’s the shame in wanting to live a normal life? Kiss from 🇵🇹

    5. Just found this channel, love your honesty and personality. If your thinking about diet, I recommend you to consider a plant based diet, or just read the book How not to Die by Dr Greger; chapter 12 about depression. So glad antidepressants work for you, I've tried some and didn't work, still looking for that balance. For now cant stand life having some really bad days, anyway listening to you, knowing what depression and anxiety really feels like, helped. Thanks.

    6. Thanks for doing this. I’m currently weaning myself off of and it’s been hard at times. Life is great with the meds. I don’t miss The brain fog and anxiety and panic attacks. I’m better when I take it. I question myself if I should stop completely.

    7. Hey, Scott!
      You're amazing man, big thanks for your videos. They're so positive and helpful, nothing helped that much but your videos. I wish you're going to be finally cured one day from that shit called depression and anxiety. Stay strong and keep moving!

    8. Have you ever tried Magnesium supplement? There is a lot of videos and articles that talk about the link between depression and the lack of magnesium. I heard about floating tanks too. Hope it helps, and sorry for my bad english. Saludos desde México!

    9. Scott Kudos to you more power to you and yes You will become the person you want to be and I'm sure you are helping so many people you cant imagine.. Cheers..

    10. Proud of you for this video. Awesome, a great comparison. You are keeping control of, who cares you take meds, you got control.

    11. I want to give you a big hug, I don't why, maybe because it was inspiring. Same diagnosis, it's been crazy ride but I'm looking forward to the future. Nice video 😉

    12. Very good video. I really appreciate your honesty. I want to say that you are helping a lot of people by being so honest.

      Although I agree that Anti-Depressants are not the ideal solution. Every negative thing said about medication is probably true.

      But it is clear that this medication is definitely working for you. You have made clear that this is the best you have felt and made clear that you have tried to go off your medication and you obviously have been working on your mental health with meditation and exercise. And you seem open to things that may help.

      My personal experience with Ant-Depressants was that I was put on them when I was very young about 16 or so. And I researched my medication and found out that the longer I took that medication the more likely my brain would become dependent on them.

      At first they made me feel so much better that I really did not care much about the negative information that I was finding out about the medication. And there was a lot less information available positive or negative before the internet. But I made a personal choice that I was determined to not become dependent on the medication. I did not like the mental fog I was in and I did not feel the medication worked consistently for me.

      And even though I was an outspoken Atheist at the time I honestly felt a strong attraction to learn about Spirituality and Energy.

      Eventually I was able to get off medication and I have been medication free ever since. But even though I never felt suicidal again and often referred to myself as "cured" I still had to deal with negative energy which manifested as severe anxiety sometimes.

      So I deepened my practice of meditation mindfulness and learned as much as I could about shamanism.

      My point is that although I was able to eventually get off my medication it was long hard work and even after I was off the medication I still had to continuously work on myself and learn more and practice more until it became effortless.

      And I like you would have definitely went back to medication if nothing else worked. Depression is just not worth going through if there is any way to avoid it.

      On the other hand it is worth it in the sense that it has taught me a lot about spirituality and energy and it has taught me a lot about myself and compassion for others.

      I also get that some have sent you tons of information about how bad Anti-Depressants are and even criticized you as appearing weird or on medication.

      I definitely agree with you that it is ignorant of people to try and make you feel that you are weird in some kind of bad way. It is even more ignorant and wrong to try and make someone feel that they should be ashamed to be on medication.

      I probably am on the path that I am on because I was always told the opposite of what you were told. I was told that I was weird when I was young and NOT on medication.But eventually after questioning people to get to the bottom of this my closest friends admitted that it was actually that they found me as too intense. This gave me something to work with.

      I was also told once I was on medication that I would never be off medication and I better not even think about it.

      This highly motivated me to prove people wrong by both finding away to get off my medication permanently and to get my energies balanced.

      I do not know if my story helps you in any way. But it is just my personal story and not one word I have written you is meant to be taken as a judgment on you or even advice to you. I am simply giving you my story in hope that it gives you another point of view.

      If it does not resonate with you in any way or help you in any way then I sincerely apologize.

      But if it does help you to know how I personally dealt with my problems then I am glad I could help. And if you ever need someone to talk to let me know. I would be happy to listen.

    13. Good stuff Scott! Thanks for the great insights and contribution to the community 🙏 I’ve been taking meds for other diagnoses and I appreciate your thoughts on the topic. I relate to lots of what you’re saying. Side effects for me are minimal, especially when compared to the benefits.

      Ps. I have some tropical 🌴 warm rain bird urine that is supposed to be a strong antidepressant. Want to try it with me? 😉😉

    14. That’s correct I don’t think anyone enjoys taking medication but I am always doing whats in my power to help myself. Currently even trying out ketamine infusions. I too have been on antidepressants on and off and still will keep doing what I can to reach happiness on a day to day basis if I can.

    15. Hello, I just discovered your channel so I don't really know about your depression history, struggles and progress, I'll try to catch up a bit with your videos because It intrigues me, I really wanted to tell you that I find admirable and unbelievable that you're suffering from depression but you manage to do all this stuff : going to work, stick to a diet, exercise and manage to keep this routine of posting videos. My question is, how can you do all this and still be dealing with depression? I always thought that being able to do this things will mean that you're cured from depression…what's you opinion about that, do you believe it's possible to ever be depression free or you think it will be a whole life struggle? Keep up the good work, God bless you!

    16. 💊 Benzodiazepines, the most popular Anti-Depressants are terrible for you. They never actually lift you all the way out of your depression and back to your normal self. Just enough to get you through the day. When you use them for long periods of time your body becomes dependent on them to where eventually you need them just to barely get through the day. You're NOT 👈 supposed to use them for extended periods of time like more than 3 or 4 months.

      👉They're for a very short term usage as you transition out of the depression you're in and get your life moving on. I took one (Zoloft)🤮 for almost a year, and eventually realized they were doing more harm than good. It killed my libido, made it very hard too sleep (insomnia), made me kind of dud not wanting to much all the time and also hurt my concentration and focus on things. Also, the withdraw effects of long time use are dangerous such as temporarily worse depression and anxiety when you use them for too long.

      👨‍⚕️ Don't let your doctor fool you into thinking you need to keep taking them after a few months. Whatever happened in your life, a friend or family members' death, broken relationship, job loss or other issues……you must move on! It's the only way to get around anti-depressants and doctors pill-pushing you into taking them forever (💵 for them).

      👉 I read a book called 👀, "The Anti-Depressant Fact Book: Why your doctor won't tell you about Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, and Luvox". It told me a whole lot about why you should steer clear of Anti-Depressants unless you have a giant mental break-down. Take a look at the sample version on Amazon or just search the web on why Benzo drugs should be avoided.

      * Good Luck to all 👍
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    17. Hi Scott. I want kids, not now but when I am ready, but the biggest concern for me is going off my medications during pregnancy. I take birth control due to PMDD and I take mood stabilizers and anti anxiety medications. Can you maybe bring on a woman who is currently/formerly pregnant who has depression or anxiety? It would be great to get a viewpoint on such a good platform. Thanks!

    18. There is a potential Jordan Peterson in you. Great courageous podcast. When will you get an Interview with him?

    19. I was on lexapro for probably close to a year then thought I didn't need them anymore, boy was I wrong maybe the first month or so I felt great then a little further down the road I felt the depression back in full force.

    20. Have you looked into rTMS? (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)

      I completed a series of TMS treatments about a month ago. I had about a 50% improvement in my symptoms, but most people reach full remission, or get close to it. I had to go to St. Joe's in Hamilton for it (although I found out while I was there that my local hospital in St. Catharines just bought a TMS machine) and I know CAMH does it as well. They tend to only offer it to people with treatment resistant depression, or those who haven't responded well to medication. It has far less side effects than ECT (no memory issues, you're awake during treatment, and you can drive right after, you mostly just get a headache after the first few treatments), although ECT has a higher percentage of effectiveness, TMS tends to be more effective than medication for people with treatment resistant depression.

      You usually start to notice a difference within about 5-10 treatments. They do it every day (Monday-Friday) usually starting with 20 treatments (so about 4 weeks) and sometimes offer more depending on your response to the treatment. They offered me more but I was getting too stressed with the travel and had stopped improving during the last few treatments so it didn't really make sense to continue.

    21. Fuck the norm, do whats best for you, no shame in taking antidepressants. I took some for a month and it was heartbreaking because I felt emotionally stable and motivated and amazing but experienced terrible side effects that made it impossible to continue the meds. I tried 3 different meds, in that month and it took me a while to detox and it was awful too. I am still going strong with my therapy and trying different remedies here and there finding a balance within excersize, food, social bonding, learning something new everyday… it is all a journey, I still have depressive episodes but I think I am finally getting somewhere, kinda? Anyway, thank you for sharing this. Saludos desde México.

    22. It's normal to be depressed… Why are you people making it a huge deal and taking medications? Accept it, understand that it's normal and everyone goes through it and move on.

    23. You have really beautiful eyes, and you are so wierd I love that! You are doing an amazing job with your videos

    24. I honestly LOVE your honesty 🤗
      I'm glad that you found a way to cope.
      I'm gonna keep in mind that pills might help and maybe I'll turn there too. I've been struggling for over a decade since my mother died and my family broke down completely, it broke me as well. Thanks

    25. I'm on prozac,Just started 4days ago,I have no problem no stay on antidepressants all my live,if they will help me

    26. I'm stoked you're looking at diet. That was my eventual conclusion, too — if depression is in my head, it either has to be my thoughts or my physiology. Went through the process of sorting out mental baggage, still couldn't shake the dark cloud. Then I thought, my body has not evolved to eat what I'm eating, I should look into that. Went keto, felt fucking terrible for a month and a half while my body converted, and then the dark cloud was gone. Better than any drug I had tried.

      Good luck on your journey. Wishing you mountains of success.

    27. Hello sir, as u suggest to go for natural cure also, so can i take the tranquilene total calm supplement.

    28. I'm not going to lie, this video spooks me a bit only because I've been off my medication for about 2 months and I've actually been doing quite well. But now you make me think I'm gonna relapse in a year lol. I know everyone is different and mental illness ranges in severity for different people so I try not to think about it too much. Honestly, I've learned to go to my body. Whenever I am feeling anxious I determine exactly what parts of my body are being affected by the anxiety and just relax those muscles and breathe. It helps quite a lot. Instead of "thinking" your way out of it, I think it's all about the physical symptoms. Once I got past those everything else started to sort of fall into place. Either way, thanks for all your videos, man. They really help. a lot

    29. i am wheaning off my antidepressants super slow it gonna take me 1 or more years to complete and i have already been tapering for a year and i wont go back on them i still have my depression but worse suicidal thougs that i didnt have befor the medication and they are all the time and i have been enduring this for 3 years i am determined to stay off them and do the best off them and stay off

    30. As always, thanks for keeping it real!! ✨ It’s not easy to open up and talk about personal stuff, let alone mental health!!! You inspire me everyday & since I started following this channel (it’s been a while now) I don’t feel like I’m alone in this journey anymore.
      “Thank you” will never feel enough! 💙✨

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