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JOURNAL OF A U-BOAT COMMANDER – AudioBook COMPLETE | The best audio books
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List of chapters and duration:

Section 01 – 00:20:22

Section 02 – 00:35:57

Section 03 – 00:20:53

Section 04 – 00:22:27

Section 05 – 00:31:01

Section 06 – 00:31:02

Section 07 – 00:22:54

Section 08 – 00:23:17

Section 09 – 00:27:10

Section 10 – 00:22:25

Section 11 – 00:40:18

Section 12 – 00:24:01

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Total execution time: 5:21:47
Read by Mark F. Smith
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    DIARY OF A U-BOAT COMMANDER – FULL AudioBook | Greatest Audio Books

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    1. Did a quick Google and this book was published in 1918. Also there were 2 WW1 submarines with the number "122", and one WW2 submarine. Seems the same numbers were used on different types. I will leave it to others if they want to dig deeper.

    2. can you do a audiobook of the civil war of Emma Simpson (when will this war be over?) plz

    3. This is awesome.. stumbled onto it and am going to finish it tomorrow on day off.. man what a time!!

    4. I agree, an hour and 10 mins in, I'm tired of his whinning….great narrator but this is unbearable, I've had enough

    5. One cannot complain as is for free, & the reading is very good. But is a trifle dull. My comparison would be download 1984 by Orwell. Now that is gripping.

    6. U-122 ultimately ran aground en route to Harwich. She sat there on the bank until 1921, when the sub was finally broken up. Schenk himself lived on, marrying and having three children. He stayed out of military service, and was largely ignored by the Nazi party. He passed away in Vienna in 1978.

    7. This should be a film!
      A love story with huge twists at the end, terrible acts of barbarism and an insight into life aboard UBoats.

    8. The first paragraph mentions Harwich Harbour, Esseex, UK. Unlike the Harwich in the USA, the UK town is pronounced 'Harridge'.

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