Depression – You Can't Talk About That #DearWoojong

Depression is a season of your life. It will happen, eventually. Just wait. Be strong.
I want to impact your way of thinking so you can change the way you live. In this video, I talk about my philosophy about depression. In a future video, I will discuss ways to overcome depression. But for now, let me open your heart and make sure you'll be fine.

My history of depression:

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Depression – You Can't Talk About That #DearWoojong

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  1. Remember, depression does NOT define who you are. You are so much MORE than just that. Be careful of becoming a prisoner to depression and personally identifying with it – avoid that trap! It is just a chapter that has come to test you, but you will respond by becoming stronger. Each time.

    Depression is a SEASON of your life. It WILL pass, eventually. Just hold on. Be strong.

    I want to impact the way you think so that you can change the way you live. In this video, I talk about my philosophy on depression. In a future video, I will discuss WAYS to overcome depression. But for now, let me open your heart and reassure you that you will be okay.

    Have a good day, friend~

  2. Depression is hard i am not going to lie i still have it.. But i do agree when Woojong says that it helps you in building who you are… I am a very empathetic person due to how I've lived life. I am sure that there are others who have had it worse than me, but that doesn't mean i didn't have a hard time. I wish i was strong the only strong aspects of myself that i can think of are my empathy and i genuinely care about others.. My name is Nicole and i have depression but it does NOT define me.. It will be ok.
    Thank you again Woojong.

  3. I keep tripping over things in the dark tunnel, harming myself, but I'm still getting up and walking more and more everyday. It's scary as a 13 year old to have this thing with me, but I can walk, and someday ill run

  4. Depression is like Winter; it will come, and then go.

    I do not think I've ever agreed with anything more. Thank you for your constant uplifting energy. Sometimes I need it to get me through the day. I will never be able to give you enough praise, Woojong. You are such a unique and amazing individual. I hope that more people gain the courage to share their thoughts in a manner such as yours. We need more people like that in this world. They keep it spinning. 🙂

  5. Depression is like winter. It will come and then go!

    I went through depression during Winter break, past Christmas, until New Year's Eve. However, when New Year's came, it went away.

    During my depression I was praying to God and believing that I would get out of it. It is surely a season of testing, and I passed the test. The test was to see if I would give the enemy a win and let depression take over, or would I pray and have faith in God who is always by my side; Whom I can trust to bring me out of the situation.
    And God brought me out right in time for the New Year. To you all who are currently in depression, or have gone through it, God bless you. You will surely get through it, and be made wiser and stronger.

    After my depression, I have more Faith that as I trust in God, He can pull me out of anything. I just have to have the Faith to admit that I need help and Believe that He can and will set me free.
    Because in that time I started eating way more than I should, and I slept more (didn't feel like getting up), and I played a lot of games. Honestly, I knew that depression was having a really bad effect on me. That's why I wanted to get out of it so bad, and I needed faith to be able to.

    Now I am praying that I stay focused on God because I want to stay on the God-given path of purpose that has been placed in me. So that I can encourage others like you Woojong and share the Love of Christ and what He has done for us all.

    You say depression is a season, and it makes sense because it has been on and off this year for me. It's just that the first few times, I never knew that I could control it. It controlled me in those times. But now I know that by God's grace, everything will be alright, and I have control over it.

    So it's like depression is made to teach us a lesson. It does improve us and teach us what we need to know to become who we are made to be.

    My depression taught me that it is not a forever lasting experience, and it boost my Faith in God to bring me through any problem I face. It also served to show me that I need to focus on God, and spend time with Him so I can fulfill the purpose He has planted in me.

    I like how you compared depression the rain that is needed for a plant to grow. It will not always be ⛅, but you can trust that it all works out for Your good and that the rainy season combined with the sunny season helps you grow into who you are meant to be!

    God bless you Woojong! May you continue to grow in Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding and the Love of God. And may all of us find Joy and Peace knowing that God Loves us and has given us Freedom, Life, and a Special Purpose that each one of us have! May this World come to know God, and His Love for us all in Jesus name, Amen! God bless you! Love you all! 😃

  6. Lololol the woowoo fam. Lololll btw tyvm for the video. I dont understand korean but the ending song is nice.

  7. holy shit i need a hug right now, this made me cry so hard but you always make me feel better no matter what… i love you, seriously thank you.

  8. Depression is like winter, it will come and then go. You are light in so many people's lives! <3

  9. Woah, after having a bad day I stumbled across this video. Thank you for putting your words out there. For too long have I let Depression define me to the point where some days I don't even know who I am. But I was not born to be a victim. I will shine.

  10. I have felt with depression my whole life, it used to be much worse to where I really just wanted to die and disapear, but now days, even tho i still deal with it i am a verry sunny happy person. everyone around me sais so too, im a optamist. and its because i believe just like Woojong sais, its a natural part of me but it diesnt control i decided to no longer let it control and define me. and im a verry happy person becouse of this changed perspective. you can do this others with depression like me. i know you can because i did. 🙂 keep going, itll pass. 🙂

  11. you can become a great caunselor, +woojung yi ! your tone and words moved me to point i smile alone..

  12. I feel like is a non-stoppable season on me, like it comes more than once in a year so I just learned to live with it.

  13. That's a great metaphor. That made me imagine. I never felt depressed anyway. Keep creating terrific videos woojong bro. God bless. I am from the Philippines by the way. 🙂

  14. Depression is like winter. It will come and it will go…..Thank you so much for your videos Woojong, you make me see things in a different perspective, plus you make me laugh! ❤❤❤

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