Depression Without A Trigger Is a Warning Sign!

Depression without trigger is a warning signal!

It is a sign that your _ _ _ _ _ does not work well.

The question we have to ask is WHY?

There are 6 main causes …

36 driving factors …

A science-based approach that uses a proven 3-step system … D.R.R.

If you need help, contact us and we will do our best for you.

To work with Dr. Shook visit one of two pages …

GO here if you ALSO have a thyroid or autoimmune problem: New.ThyroidConsult.Com

GO HERE, you are concerned about brain health, have a family member with dementia or Alzheimer's, or if you have the genetic variant APOE4:

I hope this helps you, and that you have a wonderful day!

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Dr. Brad Shook, chiropractic physician and member of the Institute of Functional Medicine with postdoctoral training in epigenetics, genomics, and functional and precision medicine. Focus your consulting practice on helping people with chronic health problems achieve the best possible health, seeking unique interventions specific to the individual and joining them and their health care team in an association. Most of Dr. Shook's clients have tried different approaches with different degrees of success. Before seeing Dr. Shook, many of his clients report that they do not know what to do to help themselves, and many feel overwhelmed by the information and not by clear direction.

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    Depression Without A Trigger Is a Warning Sign!

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