Depression Symptoms: 11 Secret Signs You’re Depressed

Could you be depressed? Take into account the signs that are true so that you get your depression symptoms score. CLICK to get results:

Signs of depression symptoms:

Sign one: meaningless
Nothing in life already feels important or significant to you.

Sign two: pressure in the head
You feel a great sensation in your head. This can make you feel sleepy.

Sign three: avoidance and isolation
You withdraw from friends and family and choose to be alone.

Sign four: the cage
You can not express yourself You have become quiet, shy and blocked.

Sign five: I dislike / hate yourself
You hate yourself when you look in the mirror.

Sign Six: Self-Destructive Rituals
You participate in destructive behaviors such as drinking, taking drugs or overeating, even with the awareness that, as a result, you will feel worse.

Sign seven: cut with death
You act recklessly or dangerously and do not care if you get hurt badly or die as a result.

Sign eight: Life is a bitch
You feel that the world is against you because many things go wrong in your life.

Sign Nine: unreality / dissociation
You have the feeling that your life is not real.

Sign Ten: Words Will Not Come
He finds it difficult to communicate his feelings to friends and family with words.

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    Depression Symptoms: 11 Secret Signs You’re Depressed

    Comments 32

    1. I Don't know for what i'm living for?? Feel this life is empty,i feel Like a Zombie. I'm dead inside

    2. nowadays I behave like a insane…and my boyfriend was saying that I am suffering from mental illness…what can I do please help me.

    3. My problem is when you said alone in the dessert no one plays with me I have no friends, a lot of my cousins play with others and stuff but for me all I want is a friend or someone to play with me but no one wants to, Ive had this for 2 years now, but I’m scared to tell someone 😭😭😭🤫

    4. To be completely honest, I believe school gave me slight depression. There are times when i just simply can't handle life anymore.

    5. I've watched a few videos on signs you have depression and I've had at least 7 signs from each. I've never been diagnosed with it so I think something is wrong with me.

    6. I remember when I told my boyfriend I wanted to kill myself he would say stuff like "your just not happy " I can't believe I actually believed what he told me till this day I'm still not happy I never really felt happy for a whole day never could of always let a bad past or a memory ruin my whole day and next thing u know it I lay in my bed in the dark never could go to sleep go to sleep late wake up take bunch of life is dreadful

    7. For me idk what to think of it but for me I often question myself at the meaning of the universe or random things or the meaning of life and what is the point of doing this or doing that. I often think "but will I enjoy it? Will it be worth it? Is there a point to it so that it will benefit me in some way?"

      I also like to be alone. I'll talk with my friends and I enjoy talking with them but I prefer to be in a room where I feel secure where I am completely and utterly alone where no one can say or do anything to me. Where my only companion is my mind. I think that I could live in alone in the small house out in the forest on the bank of a river where I would fish or farm and I would be completely happy alone.

      I often masturbate and even though I know I need to stop for my own good I still do it and it's hard for me to go even a day without doing it.

      I often like to imagine everything that I could do or will do in any situation or I wonder and wish that I could be set free from the prison that is my family because my family trys to act nice and they say " I love you" but they dont mean it.
      When I was 4 I would misbehave do bad things like normal kids but one of my earliest memories was my own father yelling at me. He screamed "Quit you goddamn fucking shit you fucking peice of crap!" As he proceeded to drag me into his car in the middle of the night and later he got down and threatened to abandon me out on a empty highway without civilization for miles unless I cried and said I would stop. And if wasn't just him trying to get me to behave he genuinely was about to throw me out of the car and abandon me. And my sister keeps thinking she is better than everyone else and does really stupid things and she is the reason most of my pets have died and my mom is very stupid she yells at me and does really stupid things to me and to my brother and sister and she has told me I'm retarded and I cant do anything right and I'm going to die by the time im 18.

      I often just hate myself for doing something stupid but then I fight through it and tell myself that my ancestors didnt try to procreate so that I could fail and I need to succeed to further the species but I still hate myself for doing stupid things and i never forget them.

      I dont know if I'm depressed or not I don't feel depressed but idk I feel like some of those things might cause problems so idk does anyone have any ideas

    8. I think I have depression now, I am experiencing 9/11 of these 😔 Sometimes I feel like nobody can help me

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