Depression Quotes – Goodbye (I’m Sorry)

(I do not have any of the photos or music)

I put it together for myself and for others suffering from depression.
Song: Jamestown story – Goodbye (sorry) Acoustics 2011
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    Depression Quotes – Goodbye (I’m Sorry)

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    1. Sometimes when you say you’re ok to someone, you want them to hug you and say “I know you’re not”

    2. people that arent suicidal think people that are want to die. we dont. we want all of the mental pain to go away

    3. Your always trapped in your mind, you don't even find a way to escape, you just let the darkness fade into you.

    4. I want to die. my boyfriend found out i cut, and he was begging me to stop but i just cant~ he understands this feelings, I am tired of living, I have tried to kill myself I just want to go why do the chains of this world stop me from going? Somebody Let me die~ i..i'm done

    5. Life's so hard. Why?? I'm sorry

      I'm not good enough

      I'm not loved

      I'm a failure

      Everyone hates me

      No one believe my hurt

      I hurt so bad

      I can't cry properly

      I'm such a bad person

      I'm sorry

    6. One day you will realize that everyone loves you…but nobody likes you and thats the worst feeling ever .

    7. people always ask me why im so stressed,and always tired,and they say"Your only 13 you shouldnt be like this,stressed,and tired all the time"but thats the problem,iv been through so much,and im only 13

    8. I've cried so much over people I thought were my friends that I don't cry anymore. Actually I don't feel much of anything anymore

    9. ‘Are you okay?’
      I’m not. I’m sick of pretending like everything is okay. All i want to do is have someone care and notice that I’m broken inside. I want somebody to hug me and say it’s okay. I want to cry so bad but I’ll hold all the tears in.
      ‘I’m fine thanks’

    10. Hey, is it ok if I use this video? I will credit u in the description, but just asking for permission first.

    11. hello, i'm krisna
      i'm a female… i like to draw and sing
      but i have very bad depression i tried to hide it i always get raged
      and i have a bad attitude i feel like im hated… i barely have friends
      probably i know why… i want to hurt myself badly… i keep doing it
      non-stop i can't help it and i cant stop crying thinking im always alone
      and will never have friends or will never be good enough. i'm just a sorry
      person i suppose… people say i fake depression its a real thing… you can't hide it
      when i told my friends they told me to stop… but never told me how or never got help
      they just told me the one simply word as if that would stop me.. but uhm that won't always work…
      i'm always upset and depressed and cutting people say i use ketchup.. but even online people tell
      me to kill myself i wish they would care to get to know me i think i'm nice sometimes except for my
      rude attitude i just can't do it.. i need some happiness i need some friends i need someone to make
      me happy… i feel like i lose everyone when i yell over anger or something else… i have looked up many
      songs to try and help my depression.. but this is like glue u get stuck to it… i am young… true… but by
      years go bye i think it might just get worse.. please help me from this sticky glue smh X-X

    12. The only person I can truly trust is me and I did try to get others to help me but they have forgot all about the case cause I stopped cutting myself and so I tried to move on and here I am that guy who cheers everybody but has nobody to cheer him up. I feel like no one cares about how I truly feel. I only truly trust myself cause im the only guy who will truly listen.

    13. Please Believe me when I say…

      I Care if you Hurt 
      I Care if you Cry
      I Care if you are Lonely 
      I Care if you are Sad…
      I Care about what you Care about 
      I Care Simply Care about you 
      I Care for you 
      I Care will Always Care about you

      No Matter where I am in Life 

      12/26/2017, 11:51 pm

      I Care….Take Care…Always my friends….

      Written by Jason Sandifer, Oakland Michigan

    14. I am the same person whether I am wearing a fancy fine suit, or Tshirt, and wearing jeans. If I were wealthy, or being laid off….
      …I am the same person inside and I am Concerned, and Care about many things including you and everyone.

      The things that were important to me or still important to me currently…

      I appreciate the People who have treated me Very Kindly and like Family, and Not been ashamed or embarrassed by me, knowing that I only in the opportunity to prosper, which only means that I have the opportunity to cause many others to prosper. 

      At the Beginning of the Day, and At the End of the Day, and at the End of the Night , it for me all about Human Beings, and Caring. 

      Jason Sandifer
      Oakland, Michigan
      Message reposted

    15. I barely remember what happiness feels like. I’m drowning with no one seeing me struggle. I’m slowly fading and no one knows. Maybe these fake smiles do work.

    16. What I say to myself everyday. I’m going to smile like nothings wrong, talk like everything is perfect, act like it’s all a dream, and that nothings hurting me. Someone help me… please. I just want to be saved. Before it’s too late.

    17. Been 6 Mths and Getting really tired now. It's true that no one cares about you and I feel you too. Soon I'm going and I also know that no one will be missing me and all will be happy with their lives. I'm just a burden in everyone's life but it's gonna stop soon. I'm sorry, I am not worth any tears.

    18. "What's depression"
      "Depression is a black ocean consuming you.."
      "How did you get it?"
      "I got depresaion from bullying..being neglected…being useless.."

    19. Im seriously trying to fucking prove im not become a heartless human. But i watch all brutal death scenes from anything. heard some people i knew were hurting themselves. WHY CANT I GIVE A FUCK?!?! Die.

    20. I am really alone and I have been bullied. I am really depressed, but I try continue.

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