Depression Quotes

Quotes of depression, everything will be fine

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    Depression Quotes

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    1. I've been through depression,

      yes I understand

      I'm still in pain, but I want to help everybody

    2. I wanted to scream and yell for help… but all that came out was a whisper.. “I’m fine”..

    3. Im a Girl whos 10 years old and already suffering from depression.. Whos cutting when stressed and crying… Whos dying when you dont know if someone will ever come to you and ask "Are you ok?"

    4. I hide my feelings from all my friends,i show my feelings when im ready to,which will never happen cuz im lonely even in a crowded place,even if im with my very best friends,even if i try to be happy,it means im pretending,i always feel like the odd one out.mostly i only have a few friends.people see me as a bright person,when im actually a dark person,i started swearing to show my feelings i did not just got worse.all this happen is because my very very best friend had moved first start she was one of my first friends my life was happy untill…i heard she had to move house when i was grade 3…i was sad.My other best friend reminds me of her.i cry each night crying for her to come back 🙁 i even write my feelings in my diary.i really hope to see her one day in the future. D:

    5. Someone came into my life……They were perfect and sweet and caring……It was just a dream

    6. Everybody asks me are u OK I am tired of lying and saying yes BC they know im not so I sit there and be quiet to make everybody wonder what's wrong and maybe care about me for once BC no body knows how I feel BC I say I'm fine but really I just wanna cry the only person who really knows everything about me and knows when in sad and stuff BC she is my best friend she knows everything about me and can tell when I'm lying if I say I'm fine

    7. I used to be such a happy child. Until I discovered DEPRESSION..
      Depression seems to have fallen in love with me, so much that it won't go away.
      Every positive word I hear sounds like a lie, I always think nobody would ever understand but.. the pain.. it feels good.
      I crave for more attention so I stay this way.

      I'm a terrible child.

    8. I was abused for so long by my parents..I don't think they think they love me anymore. I've given up on hope..My friends..they just use me,Tease me,punch me,kick Me, bully me..But they said it was a joke..And I was naïve back then so I was fine with it. Then it for worse,I told my parents ant they didn't give a flying poop about that..And now here I am..Alone,Isolated looking online on Facebook or YouTube for someone to cheer me up.

    9. i want to scream and cry, yell for help i want to let them know im suffering but all that comes out is "Im fine, just tired"

    10. Our hearts are broken to share but we see people with a shard missing from there put together heart so we give all our shards to others , basically we make everyone around us happy because we know what it feels like to be worthless and unloved so we don't want them to feel the same way

    11. in the outside: smiles and laughs hahaha!…
      in the inside: sighs and cries it hurts…

    12. You don't know what depression is like until you feel it. Mine is like my whole existence is splitting in half slowly

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