Depression Lines Analyzed: Palm Reading Palmistry

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We all experience depression from time to time. Sometimes it lasts in the short term, like days, and sometimes it can last from weeks to years. Depression markers will manifest in the palm in several ways.

The middle or business finger together with the saddle just below it and the line of the head and spine are major indicators of depression and anxiety.

A well-developed or large frame just below the middle finger will portray a person who is predisposed to depression and anxiety.

If you find a grid crisscrossed on this support, it will indicate a negative attitude.

These marks will fade over time depending on the circumstances of life. They will indicate a temporary moment in your life.

The ring finger will look weak and will tend to bend towards the middle finger.

If the line of the heart falls towards the line of the head, especially below the middle finger, it will indicate a perspective of the type of tunnel vision and make the concerns much more difficult to handle.

This can make everyday problems seem much more intense and more difficult to overcome, which makes the dark perspective longer.

For people who are imaginative and have a Head & Spine inclined line, they will be more prone to depression than people with rational straight and linear lines.

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    Depression Lines Analyzed: Palm Reading Palmistry

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    1. I Had been very depressed of broken hearts b.4, and Am a SURVIVOR From anymore suicide! attempt! Bad idea. Anyway, Am now! alive & Happy now!!!!! by Listened to my WISDOMS HOPE! Words! No medicines seems to works 4 me so far! 🙈👅👎

    2. Thanks so much Kat. You have really helped me with understanding this and what I need to do. 🙂

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